Bravery in Blogging

I’ve written before about my love for The Bloggess, Jenny Lawson’s often laugh-out-loud blog. But more than just funny, her blog is honest, and I appreciate that more than any joke.

Sometimes she’s honest about the kinds of things that only seem to happen to her (see, Beyonce, the metal chicken). This week, though, she’s written two unflinchingly honest posts (which you can — and should — read here and here) about her struggle with depression. She called the first the most difficult post she ever had to write. Then the floodgates opened, with now thousands of comments being posted in reply in the last two days. Her bravery in sharing such a personal challenge inspired so many others to share their own stories, and to take to Twitter to do more of the same, under the hashtag #silverribbons.

And although Jenny promised to return to her snarky ways, she couldn’t today. This was one of the reasons why:

Then I got an email from a girl who was contemplating suicide.  She said that after she saw the response to my post she decided that she wasn’t as alone or unfixable after all and she started the process of getting help.  You did that.  You saved someone with nothing more than the power of words.

That’s amazing, and awesome, and a real testament to the power of sharing your story, however weird or isolated or different you may feel. After all, don’t we all feel that way at some point? As one of Jenny’s commenters recalled: “A friend of mine once told me ‘You’re broken. It’s all right. So am I.’ Sweetest words I’d ever heard.”

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