A New Chapter

It’s been a quiet couple of months here on the Storybook Life blog.

But there’s been lots going on behind the scenes, preparing to bring you this post.

I’ve been waiting to write this one for years, literally. I just didn’t think I’d be lucky enough to be able to post happy life and work news at the same time.

It looks like life around these parts is about to get both more and less complicated, but in the best possible ways. In a few weeks, I’ll be trading a hectic, often stressful job for one that will get me back closer to my journalism roots, on a 40-hour workweek schedule and minus travel and a Blackberry. And in a few months, if all goes as expected, we’ll be joined by the newest member of the Storybook Life family, just in time for football season and what is sure to be a thrilling race in the AL East. (It’s entirely possible for Aceves to pitch in the starting rotation and out of the bullpen, really.)

I’ll have a lot more to say on both fronts in the coming weeks and months, but for now, in the interest of respecting my new, earlier bedtime, and not turning into a maudlin, rambling blogging mess, let me just say: thank you.

Thank you for sending so many good thoughts our way when it seemed questionable about whether we’d get a break on the family front. Thank you for understanding when I needed to talk about it, when I couldn’t talk about it anymore, and on those occasions that happened more frequently than I am proud of, when I simply couldn’t deal. Thank you for reminding me that family can be defined in lots of ways — many of which have nothing to do with blood lines. And thank you for all your congratulations and excitement in the past few weeks. Those reactions have been priceless, and so, so valuable. So, thanks.


4 thoughts on “A New Chapter

  1. Oooh!!! I am SO GLAD it all came together!!! WHoohoooo!!! Can’t wait to hear how it went down when you notified them at work. I need the details, whether they come in the blog or in an email/phone call!!! 🙂 🙂

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