No one wants to see a pregnant woman do the limbo.

Yet, here I am.

I had my gallbladder ultrasound yesterday, which was supposed to confirm the doctors’ suspicion of gallstones.

Except no gallstones showed up on the scan.

But I seem to have a classic case of gallbladder symptoms, other than the fact that the diet hasn’t stopped the pain. So, now what?

Doctor #1 (the obstetrician) thinks it might still be my gallbladder. Apparently not all gallbladder problems show up on ultrasound, most notably the delightful-sounding condition of gallbladder “sludge.” She says stay on the diet…but she also wants to hear what doctor #2 (the primary care doc) thinks.

Doctor #2 told me last week that she almost wouldn’t even bother with the ultrasound, it sounded so clearly like it was my gallbladder. But she sent me along to the radiologist anyway. And she hasn’t called back yet, so it’s at least another night (and morning, tomorrow) of the low-fat diet.

More angel food cake for everyone! Oh, just for me? No one else wants to eat angel food cake if they don’t have to? OK, if you insist.

(For the record, I ate that piece of sugar, egg whites, and air while laying against a heating pad, because apparently the rib pain may also just be caused by the Player to be Named Later squishing my insides to smithereens and bruising me. Nice. Thanks, kid.)


One thought on “Limbo

  1. Just remember this in 15 – 20 years. You will have something to guilt him/her about. “Do you know all the pain you caused when you kicked me from inside my womb?!?!?”

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