Survival of the Low-Fattest

Well, the diet goes on.

Even though my gallbladder ultrasound was clear of gallstones, my primary care doc and OB both think that the aforementioned low-level gallbladder sludge is responsible for my rib pain. I’m going to a gastroenterologist this morning to get another opinion, but it seems unlikely that she’ll recommend that I drop the dreaded low-fat diet – especially because I haven’t had the rib pain in the last three days.

So, it could be that the diet is working.

It could also be that the Player to Be Named Later did a flip and is pushing fewer organs up toward my ribs, or my yoga and pilates stretched out whatever muscle kink was there, or that the moon did something weird and now my ribs don’t hurt. My ribs could start to hurt all over again today. Who knows.

Whatever the reason, if it seems like the diet could be responsible for the change, then even I’m willing to stick with it. Eyes on the prize: healthy me, and a healthy kiddo.

I can’t promise that my run on this diet will be complaint- and whine-free, though (especially as it’s wine-free). (As I told my friend with whom I’ve vowed to repeat the “remember, you wanted this” line anytime one of us starts to complain: “Yeah, but I didn’t ask for THIS.”) Yesterday, I threw myself a little pity party, especially as I thought ahead to next weekend’s girls weekend — a weekend generally full of cheese and chocolate — and damn, how much I already miss chocolate.

Thankfully, today’s another day. And my sister has started to track down recipes that may work with both my diet and girls weekend, and I remembered the trick that you can make oil- and egg-free brownies by subbing in a can of pureed black beans. (It sounds gross, but hey, I’ll try it at this point.)

So, as with the low-iodine diet, it seems that readers of this blog are destined to read about my (mis)adventures in low-fat dieting. I’ll write here about my egg-free successes, butter-free substitutes that just don’t cut it, and, given that it’s the summer, my attempts at making a decent mocktail. Stay tuned.


3 thoughts on “Survival of the Low-Fattest

  1. I like brownies with plain Greek yogurt instead of eggs and oil, yummy. Can’t wait to see you and your bump next weekend!

  2. Grampa used to eat angel food cake after either his heart attacks or the diabetes diagnosis. Nana served it to him with sliced strawberries!

  3. Being pregnant is great, but it also really sucks at times. You can always feel free to complain to me–I will give you loads of sympathy. 🙂
    –Woman Who Ate Nothing But Gatorade And Bread For Four-Plus Months Because of Morning Sickness

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