An Unexpected Perk

For the record, I have started about 10 different posts since my last one reflecting on these first weeks with Teddy, and somehow *someone* always interrupts me while I’m writing. And when I return to the post, it’s horribly outdated…but rest assured that I’ll write more about how things are going soon. Or as soon as he’s in school. Definitely before we’re going to his high school graduation.

But for today, just a quick post to say how happy I was today to get to share Election Day with him. I knew I’d be excited to bring him to our polling place and prepared for today months ago, when I bought him his Obama-Biden 2012 onesie.

So what if I’m 17 years and 10 months too young to vote?

Bringing him to the voting booth with me — after waiting in a thankfully short line, during which he snoozed rather than melted down — also made me sentimental. I was thankful that my parents instilled in me the importance of voting, and I hope that we will be able to pass the same value along to Teddy. I don’t always — or usually — agree with my parents on political issues now, but I’m pretty sure that they’re still proud when their kids vote.

Teddy will be able to vote in 2030, and in the presidential election in 2032. I can only imagine how we’ll vote by then — maybe machines will read our minds — but I’m sure we’ll be involving him in casting our ballots until then, and teaching him about the right to vote, and telling him stories of past Election Days. He’ll probably roll his eyes at the too-often-told story of 2000, and at the old-fashioned way I voted in my first presidential election (paper absentee ballot, filled in while sitting on my dorm room bed in Syracuse in 1996). He may even – gasp! – turn out to be a Republican and profoundly embarrassed by what I dressed him in today.

That’s OK. I’ll still be proud when he goes into the voting booth on his own.


2 thoughts on “An Unexpected Perk

  1. Loved this post. Very cute. By the way, Brian and I made it to the school by 6 am and we waited just over an hour so you clearly chose a better time.

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