Here’s What

If you watch Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live on Bravo, you are probably familiar with his word of the night drinking game, shotskis, and his “Here’s What Three Things I’m Obsessed With.” (If you don’t watch his show, you probably also don’t watch the Real Housewives, Top Chef or Million Dollar Listing and would find my television choices seriously suspect.)

I love Andy Cohen — so much that I’ve actually checked his book out of the library and renewed it twice, though I’ve yet to get past the first chapter — and considering that the need to feed Teddy without getting him drunk means shotskis and drinking games are off limits, here’s what three things Teddy and I are currently obsessed with. (Yes, this is a cheesy conceit to write the post I promised last week, about what we’ve been up to lately.)

Here’s What, by Teddy:

1. Mirrors. I can check myself out all day. It’s not clear to mommy and daddy whether I have any idea that it’s me in the mirror, but it’s endless entertainment. (Endless in infant speak = about 3 minutes.)

Checking myself out in the little mirror on my favorite bouncy chair

Gratuitous picture of cute baby staring into the mirror. Also, how awesome are my cargo sweatpants?

2. Naked time on the changing table. I hate, hate, HATE getting undressed and especially despise having onesies pulled over my head when they’re putting clothes back on me, but the in-between time’s pretty good. I can make them forget about the nasty diaper they’ve just changed with a whole bunch of funny faces while I’m laying there.

3. Rhyming books. The Barnyard Dance and Cat in the Hat are pretty awesome. I vastly prefer listening to those than that stupid New York Times op-ed that mommy tried reading me yesterday about Hillary’s chances in 2016. I made my feelings on that pretty clear, I think.

Here’s What, by Michele:

1. Long, hot showers when B is home. Most weekday showers are hurried affairs, counting down the seconds until Teddy wakes up and realizes he’s alone in his crib or pack and play, or hits his limit on the bouncy seat in the bathroom. Huge plus to the three-day weekend: an extra day with a guaranteed long shower.

2. HGTV programming. OK, this is no different than my pre-baby life. I could watch this channel all day and all night…and sometimes I do. Except for 10-11 p.m. on Sundays, when all eyes must be on Homeland (which has gotten a little strange in the past couple of weeks, but I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt). But back to HGTV: when are the Property Brothers going to come to our house and find us an awesome fixer-upper?

3. Target. Was a better store ever invented, really? It’s open early, has a Starbucks inside, no one cares if you walk your baby around in a stroller for a solid hour without buying anything because you just needed a place to go — but if you do want to buy something, you can buy anything and everything. Not that I ever do that. With a SB pumpkin spice latte in hand and while pushing a sleeping baby in the stroller. Noooo.

Bonus #3.5: I’m not officially obsessed with Christmas music yet, but let’s just say that the vault has been opened. Operation Get Teddy To Love the Muppets Christmas Album has begun.


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