Blame Me

ANOTHER snow day. We have approached, and then rapidly passed, you-have-got-to-be-kidding-me territory. We are now fully in only-expletives-apply land. This storm fulfilled the (once trusty, now despised for its general accuracy) Capital Weather Gang’s “boom” scenario.

There was a time, not all that long ago, that that sentence would have filled me with joy. I even wrote about my love for snow, and — gasp — hoped for snow days.

Bring it on. You can take the girl out of snow country, but you can’t take the love for snow out of the girl. Even better, the snow day call won’t come until tomorrow morning, which will make Teddy’s inevitable wake up at 4:45 a.m. a little easier to handle. Let it snow!

Yes, you can blame me for all these days stuck at home, since Mother Nature seems not to give a damn about taking responsibility.

But before you start pelting me with snowballs and icicles, cut me a little slack. You see, I wrote those words before I fully understood the meaning of “snow day at home with a toddler while you’re still expected to work from home.”

Instead, I was thinking dreamily of days spent in yoga pants, drinking hot cocoa and baking brownies, while squeezing in conference calls and some writing. I’d done it before, during Snowmaggedon, and it was great. No stir-craziness, plenty of snacks.

(This is where all of you with kids older than Teddy are laughing at me.)

Hey, I learned my lesson quickly enough, with the first of our roughly 700 snow days this winter. I’ve since tried to ply my kid with Animal Planet while attempting to edit a paper on the federal budget; conducted conference calls from my bathroom, while Teddy banged on the bedroom door downstairs; and taken my “lunch break” to shove said toddler into snow pants and out into the snow, where he promptly ripped off his mittens, put his hands in the snow, fell over, cried hysterically and demanded to be brought back inside.

In short, these have been some super fun snow days. When’s summer getting here?


4 thoughts on “Blame Me

  1. I guess I don’t have to ask whether the predicted storm came through this morning. These snow days aren’t just quality time for you and Teddy. They’re quantity too.

  2. I’m laughing a bit reading this as it’s 10:45 am and Brian and I are still lounging in bed and there has not been a peep from either teenager downstairs. I hope you survive the day. Welcome back from sunny Florida. 😉

  3. I really did laugh out loud when I read your paragraph on cozy days working from home with a toddler, and then I read that I, as a mom with older kids would be laughing, and I laughed a little harder 😉 But I promise, I am laughing WITH you, not AT you…what else can one do? Happy Snow Day!

  4. This is the LONGEST winter I have ever experienced since we lived in the DC area, but posts like yours make me feel like it’s OK to be in “only expletives land” (LOVED that) because someone else understands.
    Hang in there, girl! I hope next week at this time we’ll all be wearing flip flops!

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