Reclaiming the Man Cave

I promised – some might say warned – that this ranty post was coming. And because I like to follow through on my promises, here you go.

Our basement is not going to be a “man cave.”

Now, I love HGTV as much as the next person. Maybe more. I love Rehab Addict and the Property Brothers and House Crashers. I have been known to watch an episode (or a few) of Love It or List It. I’ll even admit, to my chagrin, that I’ve watched Flip or Flop.

But invariably, I turn the channel if whatever project they’re working on is described as a “man cave.”

Because you know what that says? “Girls: Keep Out.”

I really don’t like being told to stay out. I get flat-out pissed off when I’m told to keep out because I’m a girl. Especially when I’m being told to keep out of what is usually one of the more interesting spaces in the house, with fun furniture and themes and sports memorabilia and big TVs and built-in bars.

News flash: Girls like to sit on comfy couches and watch TV (including sports) and drink beer, too.

We have a whole bunch of stuff still in boxes from our move that we’ve been reserving for decorating the basement once it’s finished. Most of it is Red Sox-related. Some of it was B’s, from before we met. Some of it, we collected together. And some of it was mine.

And I’m not hanging my stuff on the wall of a man cave.

Pats jersey on, neck craned back to watch the TV. Wonder where he gets it from?

Pats jersey on, neck craned back to watch the TV. Wonder where he gets it from?

Just in case you thought the rant would end there, here’s another reason I can’t stand the term. By designating a space as a man cave, that implies that the rest of the house is the woman’s domain. You know, the kitchen and the bathrooms.

Gee, thanks.

It’s not that I don’t appreciate well-designed kitchens and pretty bathrooms. I was so happy to have a more functional kitchen when we remodeled the kitchen in the condo. Our kitchen now is perfectly serviceable; the cabinets are too high for me and the countertops are too blue, but I can make it work (and will, for a long, long time, thanks to the basement project). And as I’ve explained, I’ve spent entirely too much time researching options for the new bathroom.

But. The kitchen and bathrooms aren’t set aside for fun and relaxation, the way a “man cave” is often designed to. I like to cook and bake, but those aren’t necessarily my activity of choice every day. And relaxing baths? I’m sure they happen in other people’s lives and homes, but almost never in mine. (Kind of a waste at this point without the ability to have a glass of wine at the same time, anyway.)

What I do like to spend my free time doing? Watching baseball on our big screen TV, on a comfy couch, beverage and snacks in hand.

And I look forward to doing just that in another month in our basement – the one we’ll all get to use: me, B, Teddy and his little sister. Girls fully allowed.


2 thoughts on “Reclaiming the Man Cave

  1. I can’t stand the term “man cave” either Michelle! Go you for making it the human cave, instead. I hope you’re feeling lovely and glowy!

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