The One Where I Spilled Secrets in Front of a Live Theater Audience

I woke up this morning with much of the same combination of excitement and nerves that I had on May 4, when we performed the DC Listen to Your Mother show.

It was video day!

July seemed so far off back on that day in May, when all I wanted to do was relive the remarkable experience.

And today, I kind of got to. Right down to the many nervous and excited messages exchanged with other cast members, and non-stop Facebook/Twitter/email stalking.

Just after 11 a.m., the message came: The videos were online! (You can see our cast’s show here and all of this year’s videos here.)

It turns out that watching today was more difficult than actually standing up in front of 250 people and delivering my story. Was it the distance of time? The pregnancy hormones? My self-critical eye, thinking that my eye makeup was too dark and my blush too prominent and my head movements too jerky? Whatever the reason, as I sat at my desk with tears rolling down my cheeks, I was once again transported back to that conversation with Dr. Sacks, and to our first Christmas card with Teddy, and to that Sunday a couple of months ago when I was so lucky to stand on the Synetic Theater’s stage.


9 thoughts on “The One Where I Spilled Secrets in Front of a Live Theater Audience

  1. Great job, Michele. I just read this on the train not noticing the tears in my eyes until I couldn’t see anymore. What a journey.

  2. You looked perfect. Your makeup and head movements and delivery and everything were perfectly perfect. I’m honored to have shared the stage with you and so so happy for you and your family. I can’t WAIT to see you. xoxo

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