Right Now

A quick look at what’s happening in the Storybook Life house right now…

{reading} I finished Brigid Schulte’s Overwhelmed: Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time today. If the cover, with its all-too-familiar to-do lists, hadn’t reeled me in (it did), Schulte’s first-person account of trying to juggle writing, kids, home, marriage, and fun, paired with some thought-provoking research on families and time “management,” would have. Lots to think about there.

Picture courtesy of Amazon.com

Picture courtesy of Amazon.com

{drinking} The best non-alcoholic sangria that I’ve found (and I’ve looked at, and tried, a lot of them). Not too sweet, and with just the right combo of fruit and shade of red to trick me into thinking that I’m at Jaleo, awaiting an order of patatas bravas.

{anticipating} Watching House of Cards and Orange Is the New Black. No, we haven’t watched either of them up until now, because up until now we’ve been on the DVD-only version of Netflix. Yes, I know it’s about time we joined the 21st century. We just had to watch the DVD of The Wolf of Wall Street that we’d had for, um, three months, first. (For the record, no, the movie was not worth the $25 we ended up spending on it, and the only reason it had to have gotten nominated for Best Picture was that Scorsese directed it. It should have been at least an hour shorter.) Anyway, now we get to find out what the hullabaloo about these other shows is all about.

{steaming} Speaking of TV and awards, it is total crap that The Americans was frozen out of Emmy nominations. (Won’t stop me from watching the hours of pre-show red carpet, but still.)

{admiring} Our dry-walled, taped, and mudded basement. We have walls!

Walls! Who needs paint?

Walls! Who needs paint?

Four years ago: I was gearing up to be radioactive for the second time.

Three years ago: I was feeling the Sunday blues. They’ve since gotten better, but I still don’t know anyone who likes Sunday nights.

Two years ago: I’d had enough of the post-baby body bikini pictures in tabloids. I’m glad to say that this is on my radar a lot less now that I’ve kicked the tabloid habit (though I’ll admit to a pang of sadness the first Saturday when I realized my Us Weekly subscription was officially over).

One year ago: I was still on my blogging hiatus. Glad to be back!

Credit to Callie Feyen, one of my multi-talented Listen to Your Mother castmates, for the concept of this post. I love reading her “Right Now” posts, and her LTYM piece was fantastic. You’ll never look at a certain store the same way again.



6 thoughts on “Right Now

  1. {reading} Well, as soon as I run to the book store, I’ll be reading Overwhelmed. Thanks for the tip. {drinking} That sangria, as soon as you share what’s in it. Really, what’s in it?
    {anticipating} Your reaction to House of Cards and OITNB. So much double-crossing to discuss!

    • Jess, Overwhelmed was worth a trip to the bookstore. I may go back and buy it (as I took it out of the library and they generally frown upon writing notes in the margins). She was on Fresh Air a couple of months ago if you want the cliffs notes version first. And that sangria: brewed black tea (really), OJ, pomegranate juice, cinnamon sticks, oranges, apples, limes, lemons, seltzer. Unfortunately no red wine! I will keep you posted on the start of our binge-watching.

  2. OK, I have to get that book! It sounds like something I need to read, asap. Love the words you chose as prompts….might have to use them. See? We’re sharing! 🙂 Love you, girl!

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