Three Good Things, Vol. 1

After I wrote the six good things post, I remembered what a positive effect tracking and writing down the good things that happen each day can have on my psyche.

I also realized that it’s, um, a good recurring post concept, and since I want to write on a more regular schedule…well, the whole two-birds-one-stone thing.

So, I’m launching my weekly installment of “Three Good Things.” Why three good things? Well, a lot of people think that bad things happen in threes, so we may as well turn that on its head. And, writers love lists of threes. Really. LOVE. Two similar things don’t “prove” a pattern, four’s too unwieldy, and three is, of course, just right. Also, it’s just not that hard to find three things for any list, so this might actually be a concept I can keep up with.

Wouldn’t hurt if along the way I help you find a few things you might want to check out, so I’ll try to do that too.

Three things I loved this week:

  • The Weird Al “Word Crimes” parody video. It’s like a love letter straight to this grammar geek’s heart.
  • This post from The Bloggess. Okay, I love pretty much every post from the Bloggess. But in this one she writes about the torture that is the writing process, and all I could do was nod along (while also thinking “Hurry up! I want to embarrass myself by laughing uncontrollably in inappropriate places to your next book!”). Writing is hard. Good writing is really, really hard. I like when other writers admit that and don’t pretend that they can sit down and spit out thousands of golden words in one fell swoop. It makes me want to read them more.
  • What’s also hard: reading those tough-to-write stories in front of people. This week, I was so very glad that Jennifer Peyton Roberts did just that in the Portland Listen to Your Mother show. “Wait for Me” is her story of recovery from anorexia, as told to her very wanted daughter, and it’s brave and heart-breaking and it hit close to home.

Three things I learned this week:

  • A morning show host on Boston’s WEEI radio station — the flagship station of the Red Sox, I might add — can call a female reporter a “gutless bitch” and not even get a hand slap. His sidekick can call the same reporter a “bimbo” and it will barely even get mentioned. But, you know, he voluntarily issued an apology, so that must make it okay. We should be past the days when managers — and otherwise smart businesspeople — just look the other way at these kind of sexist, degrading comments. I don’t care if they succeed in getting much-needed ratings for the show. It’s unacceptable.
  • In much happier news, this week was the 25th anniversary of the release of “When Harry Met Sally.” (Thanks to LTYM castmate Lisa for the heads up!) Just as Harry will never stop reading the last page of the book first, and Sally will never stop ordering “on the side,” I will never tire of this movie. Or the wagon-wheel coffee table. Or the soundtrack. Oh, that soundtrack. “It Had to Be You,” indeed.
Picture courtesy of

Picture courtesy of

  • It turns out, my kid is just like other toddlers (via Julie at Next Life, No Kids). And by “just like,” I mean “able to locate any piece of electronic equipment we thought we placed out of his reach and launch said piece of equipment across the room at my head within 3 seconds.”
Three things I was grateful for this week:
  • Amazing weather. I’m good with the polar vortex in February if it means 80 degrees and sunny in mid-July.
  • Participating again in my hospital’s study on Synthroid dosing during pregnancy. It sounds warped, but I lucked out by being a thyroid cancer patient in D.C. My doctors practice at the largest treatment center for thyroid cancer on the east coast, and they are doing continuous clinical trials and studies to advance standards of care. I’m again part of their study on thyroid hormone levels during pregnancy, which means I get an extra-close eye from the docs on my blood levels. I was thankful for it when my levels were off while I was pregnant with Teddy and earlier in this pregnancy, and now, for the blood tests that have shown that I’m right on target for the last six weeks. (Related: I’m also grateful for good phlebotomists.)
  • The email I received from a friend and former co-worker about my Listen to Your Mother video. Messages like that remind me that we’re not alone.

What did you love, learn, or feel grateful for this week?



2 thoughts on “Three Good Things, Vol. 1

  1. Michele, I love three things of happy! I don’t do it every week because it’s over the weekend and I like to skip some of the blogging stuff when I can play outside with Tucker in this awesome weather we’re having but I co-host a Ten Things of Thankful bloghop that you should link these happy posts from each week up to! The community is really great and you’ll definitely make some new friends and get new readers.
    I think it’s horrible that male announcers and such are allowed to get away with being so degrading to women still. You’d think that would be “oh so 70’s” but it is not. Also thanks for sharing the LTYM video – that’s one I hadn’t seen and wow. Also I adore When Harry Met Sally!! And yay for an extra eye from the doctor – I hope you’re feeling excellent and enjoying every minute! Or most of them 😉
    happy Saturday!! xo

    • Thanks, Kristi! That sounds like an awesome bloghop – I’d love to participate! How do I join up? (Oh so new to all this….:) Hope you are having a great weekend!

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