Three Good Things, Vol. 2

I’m back with another installment, as promised. Haven’t settled on a specific day to post, though — what’s better, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday?

Three things I loved this week:

So the parents are practicing patience

Knowing the children will one day be grown

Yes they’re sharing the craziness of parenting

Knowing it will be years until they’re alone

Breathe in the magic when you know you can,

Breathe in the good when it’s right,

For we all know we will need this memory,

When it all goes to sh!t later tonight!

  • The truth behind social media posts, from Olivia Muenter.  An honest admission of the white-washed version of life that so often shows up on Instagram, Facebook and other sites. As I read this, I thought about the fact that I’m drawn ever more toward friends who show the real moments, messy truths, messy kitchens, messy pictures and all.
  • This look at what writers can learn from Goodnight Moon, even as you read the old lady whispering “hush” for the 5,347th time.
Photo credit

Photo credit

 Three things I learned this week:

  • I’ve gotta put the electronics down. Not so much learned for the first time as reminded. I’m doing more with this blog, and consequently with Facebook and Twitter, than I have before, which has been exciting and new and fun, but also consuming and addicting and probably fostering a slew of habits that aren’t very good for me.
  • “China Beach” isn’t quite as good a show as I’d remembered. (Yes, I watched the show when I was a kid. I was an old kid who watched China Beach and thirtysomething and other random dramas that were meant for people 20 years older than me). I waited for years for this show to come out on DVD (held up by the music licenses), and I was so excited to settle in and binge-watch a few episodes this week. Eh. It’s still a good show and the music is just as good as I remembered, but all things considered, I’m just as happy binge-watching HGTV.
  • Parents will circle for parking at a splash park/playground as if it’s December 23 and they’re at the only mall in a 50-mile radius. Granted, the splash park/playground in question is awesome (oh, the things I never thought I’d say), but I draw the line at waiting in line for parking. That’s why god made garden hoses and sprinklers.

Three things I was thankful for this week:

  • WBUR’s series on miscarriageIt took me a long time to feel comfortable talking about the miscarriages. Now, they’re a part of my story, just as much as my cancer. It’s still hard, but getting easier, to say “I had three miscarriages before Teddy was born.” Couples who experience miscarriages shouldn’t feel ashamed, or like they need to keep a secret. More stories like the ones on WBUR will help people realize they’re not alone.
  • Finding SITSgirls. A whole site devoted to tips and tricks for growing your blog and connecting with other bloggers. I’m still really unsure of what exactly I want to do with this blog. But in the meantime, I’m grateful for a place to learn about my options.
  • Nearby friends with a washer and dryer that they’ve let us use. Our six-week basement reno is now heading into week eight, and week four of an unhooked washer and dryer. But the laundry room floor tile is done, and the cabinets, countertop, and sink are going in, all of which makes us cautiously optimistic that the washer and dryer will soon follow (cue quasi-bitter laughter here).

LTYM video of the week: “Adoptive Parents Are Assholes, Too,” from Gina Sampaio:

What did you love, learn, or feel grateful for this week?


4 thoughts on “Three Good Things, Vol. 2

  1. Hey Michele! Stephanie and Sarah were my roommates at BlogHer. Stephanie was one of my very first blog friends. Anyway, cool that you shared their song! Also I think Friday is better than Saturday or Sunday but I’m not sure. I’m going to try and link up for the thankful this weekend, so I’ll be sure to let you know.

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