Three Good Things [08.23.14]

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Big changes afoot here at the blog. As you’ll see, I’ve changed the structure of the Three Good Things title, from volume # to the date. It’s an exciting and momentous change.

(Okay, I’m mostly doing it so that I don’t have to try to keep track of the volume number. Doubt anyone will want to read Vol. 235 however many weeks or years from now that would be. It’s tough enough for me to keep track of the date.)

Anyway, no listing of good things last week because we were on vacation and although there were lots of good things there – soft serve ice cream, non-alcoholic pina coladas, a highly relaxed dress code – I was committed to taking the week off from writing.

But now I’m back. (Maybe not better than ever, but hey, that’s subjective.) Anyway, what good things have you loved, learned, and felt thankful for lately? Here are mine:

Three things I loved this week:

  • The Girl Next Door Podcast. This is a fun, bi-weekly chat between Kelsey and Erica, neighbors and bloggers in Arizona. Bonus points: they kick off each podcast with a homemade cocktail (or mocktail) and link to it in their show notes. This week’s show featured a long discussion about the best and worst vacations they’ve ever taken and had me daydreaming of another trip to Hawaii. Ahhh.
  • The Little League World Series. The combo of Mo’ne Davis making the cover of Sports Illustrated and the Cumberland, Rhode Island, coach’s speech to his team when they lost made for some uplifting baseball at a time when my beleaguered Red Sox can barely break up a no-hitter.
  • DC in August. So quiet. Shhhh. School starts back next week and everything will once again be crowded and hot and loud, but these last few weeks have been their own little vacation.

Three things I learned this week:

  • Hazelnut prices are jumping thanks to a bad crop season and high Nutella demand. Don’t look at me, I can’t eat the stuff…right now. But this whole supply-and-demand thing had better settle down in time for me to dig back in to a Costco-sized jar with a spoon once this kid arrives.
  • The concept of wabi-sabi, the Japanese principle of embracing imperfection (h/t Sarah Bagley’s podcast with Kathy Stowell). Let’s just say that I need some wabi-sabi in my life.
  • Hoarding toys is normal for two-year-olds. Thank you, Tovah Klein and your book, How Toddlers Thrive. (What, you don’t read child development books while on vacation? I really know how to live, don’t I?) If only I’d read the chapter on sharing before we were in a house with two other toddlers for a week, I would have known how natural it is that Teddy would round up his favorite toys and hide them in a corner table where no one else could get them. More seriously, this book taught me a lot about toddler brain development and how to better understand what’s happening in his mind to cause such, ahem, rapid mood changes. (Along those same lines, I’d also recommend Meghan Leahy’s Washington Post column on a similar topic this week.)

Three things I was thankful for this week:

  • More good thyroid labs. My thyroid levels have been stable for a couple of months – an unexpected but very welcome development after they jumped around quite a bit at the beginning of this pregnancy and almost all the way through my pregnancy with Teddy. I’ve been going for blood draws every two weeks but my consistent results mean I can go every month for the rest of my pregnancy – which may mean only going two more times. Gulp.
  • The end of House of Cards, season two. Not necessarily in a good way, but in a “we are glad THAT’S over” way. We felt a sense of commitment to the show, even after it was clear that the second season was going off the rails in a big way. We had hopes that it would right the ship, but…let me save you the trouble and say, “not so much.” But now we’re free to binge-watch Orange Is the New Black and the third season of Veep, so I’m counting this in the good category.
  • Heirloom tomatoes. They’re pretty and a damn good excuse for making pizza. Win-win.

And for this week’s Listen to Your Mother video, in honor of the Little League World Series, I give you our director Stephanie Stearns Dulli’s piece from the DC show, with a warning that one line in particular is not suitable for small ears:

[Note: this post is part of the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop. Check out the other blogs in the series for many more good things happening this week!]



17 thoughts on “Three Good Things [08.23.14]

  1. Loved loved loved seeing you today – you’re awesome and have the cutest pg belly ever! Orange is the New Black is one of my favorites and I completely agree that season 2 of House of Cards was um, well “off the rails” is ONE (ahhem) way of saying it. Sheesh. And awww to Teddy hiding his toys in the corner so nobody else could get to them!! 🙂

    • Right back at you – yesterday was so much fun! Hope we get to do it more often, but in the meantime, I’ll “see” you in blog-land. 🙂 Enjoy the last week of summer vacation!

  2. This is so, SO good. I do rather love the format you use 🙂 YAY! Glad you’re with us again 🙂

    I don’t think I’ve knowingly had an heirloom tomato. I am intrigued. And HUZZAH for your thyroid levels 🙂

    • Lizzi, heirloom tomatoes may just be a fancy name for tomatoes so they can charge more for them, but I love seeing them in shades of orange and purple and green (& on top of pizza!). Let me know if you find them there!

  3. I was smiling when you said you were switching from volumes to dates. Each and every week I have to click over to Lizzi’s blog to figure out which TToT we’re on. 😉
    I just heard about the hazelnut price increase, too. I don’t eat Nutella, but a couple of our kids like to get a jar or 11 for their birthdays. We had to buy some for our now 5 year old yesterday.
    Glad your thyroid numbers are steady. That is not a fun appointment to keep every two weeks!
    Hoarding is very normal for toddlers (and children in big families of any age). I learned that lying is very common in teenagers. Don’t ask how I know. 🙂
    Have a good week!

  4. You had me at “daydreaming of another trip to Hawaii.” Now I’m daydreaming, too!

    I just heard about the hazelnut crop. I’m sad about that; hazelnuts are my favorite–with or without the chocolate.

  5. I heard that there was bad news on the horizon for Nutella fans. I’ve recently found Jif whipped peanut butter and chocolate so I’m all set. I can lay off the Nutella.
    I’ve never watched House of Cards. I did watch season two of OITNB in a week though. I love, love, love that show. I recently started watching The Killing and was in love with it but it started to wear on me a little at the end of the second season so I’m not sure I’m going to keep going.

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