Three Good Things [08.30.14]

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It’s a long weekend, marking the end of a splendid summer and the start of meteorological fall. Need I say anything more?

(Obviously, that answer is yes. One, because I have this blog and this concept and it’s called Three Good Things, not One Good Thing, and it’s actually nine good things every week, and I need to keep it up. And two, not sure I’ve ever taken the opportunity to say less when saying more could do.)

So, without further ado:

Three things I loved this week:

  • Brunch with my awesome Listen to Your Mother castmates. This was our long-awaited reunion, some three months in the works. A few couldn’t make it, but most of us were there and excited to catch up on how the summer’s gone, chow down on some tasty biscuits (my gallbladder survived!) and ogle the new and adorable baby in the group. (Which also reminded me that I need a refresher course on how to hold, and hand off, an infant.) I’m still so happy and grateful to have had this experience – something I’m reminded of every time I see or talk to any of these women. (I realize I’ve doubled up on a thing I loved and a thing I’m grateful for here. It’s my blog and I’ll violate my concept when I want to.)
  • A (nearly) finished basement! We’re still waiting on the carpet for the stairs, but otherwise our long summer of construction dust and debris is done (just as soon as we finish dusting, that is). A full post of before and after pictures coming soon, but here’s a taste:

basement after2

  • Bloggers who keep it real. Did you read Glennon Melton’s recent post about finding gratitude in her kitchen, laminate counters, mismatched appliances and all? It was a fantastic reminder of what really matters, and it resonated far and wide – all the way to the Today show. She even had the bravery to leave dirty dishes in the sink with the cameras rolling, because that’s real life. (In the full disclosure kitchen camp: I threw away a muffin pan this week because I left it sitting in the sink so long that it had rust in it.)

And what’s even better than single honest posts? A campaign to knit them together, as Courtney Bowden is doing with her #showyourreal blog post series, and Jen Snyder is doing with her #momreality Instagram series, and Kim Bongiorno is doing with her September Instagram series showing the real side of parenting, #PARENTSNAP914. Keep the reality — complete with sticky floors, laundry piles, and dirty dishes — coming.

Three things I learned this week:

  • My vision actually improved this year. How that’s possible when I spend way too many of my waking hours sitting in front of the computer, I don’t know, but I’ll take it. On a related note, my eye doctor said that studies are finding that kids’ vision is deteriorating not because of screen time, but because they’re not getting enough sunlight from being outside. Interesting.
  • Pumpkin spice lattes are made of shit that’s generally not good for you. Okay, this isn’t exactly a surprise. I mean, something that tastes that good can’t really be packed full of vegetables and nutrients. But it’s still a bummer. You can, however, make your own PSL syrup! Yeah, your coffee drink won’t be as good, but maybe the virtue in using actual pumpkin will compensate for that delicious sweetness?
  • Resisting the urge to “like” things on Facebook might actually improve your Facebook experience. I haven’t gone fully to eliminating “likes” on FB, but I’m intrigued by how this experiment has changed her news feed and interactions for the better.

Three things I was grateful for this week:

  • More good bloodwork. This time, I passed my glucose screening test. Whew. I’ve basically been mainlining refined sugar in the absence of fat, and if I had to cut that out, too, I think I’d be left with egg whites and chicken breast to eat. And if you think I’m grumpy now….so it’s really in everyone’s best interest that I passed the test.
  • Two new babies. Two families in my daycare tribe welcomed new babies in the last two weeks. Both were early but are doing well, as are their moms (and dads, and big brothers). Once again, I’m reminded: it’s all about healthy baby, healthy mama. The rest is just icing.
  • A phone call with my grandmother. I’m lucky to still have both of my dad’s parents here, and to be able not just see them when I’m home, but to talk to them often by phone and even to exchange e-mails. They get to see pictures of Teddy from far away as he grows up (um, however infrequently I remember to take and send them), and I get to have conversations about new restaurants they’ve tried and my grandmother’s first trip to Target. (Really. Her first trip to Target. If only I’d known…)

What did you love, learn, or feel grateful for this week? Happy Labor Day weekend, all. Bring on fall!

This post is part of the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop.



19 thoughts on “Three Good Things [08.30.14]

  1. Congratulations on a good report on your bloodwork! That beats just about anything! I’m assuming you are having gall bladder issues, hence the absence of fat in your diet. If you can’t have fat OR sugar, it wouldn’t leave much but celery, and I, personally, would rather starve than eat celery.

  2. Beautiful things here. And thank goodness the bloodwork was alright! Ouf!

    What’s the picture at the top of? I was trying to figure it out and I think I over-thought it and now I have no idea at all.

    HUZZAH for LTYM and all the fun you guys have together.

    I learned that pilates is kick-ass for bad moods. And that I have a short fuse for idiots who harass my friends.

    • Lizzi, I LOVE Pilates. Just wish reformer classes weren’t so expensive!

      The picture is from a winery in Sonoma, California. Though the flowers were better than the grapes and wine at that one. 🙂

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