Three Good Things [09.06.14]

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Three things I loved this week:

  • The return of Mr. Tony. I loved reading Tony Kornheiser in the Washington Post when I first moved here, and Pardon the Interruption is a show that’s fun to watch. But it’s the podcast of his daily radio show – part sports, part news commentary, part truly ridiculous stories about Tony’s life — that keeps me consistently entertained (even if I sometimes had to skip whole segments during boring basketball season). Tony returned to the air this week, and my podcast lineup – and commute – are better for it. Now if the sales guys at AM 980 could stop with the podcast delay that leaves me listening to Wednesday’s show over the weekend…
  • The viral book list tagging exercise on Facebook. I’m not always a big fan of these Facebook tagging games that can take over my feed, but I loved getting the chance to reflect on ten books that have stayed with me, and seeing what friends picked for their lists – giving me lots more additions to my Goodreads list. (What? I’ll have TONS of time this fall and winter to read. Suuurrrre.) For the record, my books were: A Short Guide to a Happy Life, Traveling Mercies, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, all the Little House on the Prairie books, House of Mirth, Freakonomics, Naked, The Handmaid’s Tale, The Time Traveler’s Wife, and for good measure, The Going to Bed Book (thanks, Sandra Boynton, for planting that one in my brain forevermore).
  • Coffee + Crumbs, a relatively new collaborative blog on motherhood. There are lots of collaborative blogs on motherhood, and I like a lot of them. But Coffee + Crumbs, with its clean design and crisp essays (and just enough of them, posted frequently enough to keep me coming back but not so many that I feel overwhelmed) has really appealed to me.

Three things I learned this week:

  • 25 alternatives to saying “good job.” As a manager at work, I learned the value in giving more specific praise, but at home, I find myself saying “good job” to Teddy over and over again. I’m hoping these prompts will give me a nudge toward applying the same lesson I learned at work to home.
  • About the Joan Rivers-Miss Piggy feud. Anything to see a snippet from “The Muppets Take Manhattan,” my all-time favorite Muppet movie.
  • Next week is Diaper Need Awareness Week. I know, it seems like every day, week, and month is an awareness day/week/month (speaking of which, did you know that September is Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month? Check Your Neck!). But 1 in 3 American families struggles with affording diapers for their baby, a plight anyone who’s had to shell out the money for those expensive packages can identify with. And families that can’t afford diapers have a hard time putting their kids in daycare, which makes it harder to find and keep work. Kudos to Huggies for donating diapers for every tweet or retweet using the hashtag #DiaperNeed – so tweet away!

Three things I felt grateful for this week:

  • B’s work around the house. The basement is almost, ohsoclose, to being really, truly done. (Final inspection is on Monday! And once we get the OK from the inspector and I don’t feel so jinxy, I’ll write a final before-and-after post, with all the gory Home Depot details.) But in the meantime, we’ve been able to start moving things down into the space, and clearing out what will be the baby’s room, and setting up the baby’s furniture. And when I say “we,” I really mean B. He’s done the heavy lifting – in some cases, the very heavy lifting – while I’ve mostly counted to make sure we have the right number of bolts and washers and swept up construction dust. I’m not crazy about not being able to do more to help, but I’m grateful to have a husband who does it all willingly, even after working unexpectedly on a weekend and when “it all” involves driving 70 miles each way to pick up boxes of just-the-right baby furniture.
  • The return of our treadmill. Our treadmill had been folded up and covered inside the unfinished storage area of our basement since we started the project some 14 years ago (your three months is my 14 years). And though putting it away for a while didn’t exactly interrupt marathon training for me, I’m glad to have it back. Even a very slow 20-minute walk (while catching up on podcasts) makes me feel like I’m doing something to avoid the total muscle loss I had during my last pregnancy. (Never mind the fact that I did the slow 20-minute walks then, too – I’m choosing to remain optimistic here.)
  • Almond milk at Dunkin Donuts! OK, it’s a rather small development in the grand scheme of things. But as someone who’s had to bring my coffee home to mix in my preferred almond milk – rather than stop by the drive thru on my way to somewhere else – this will make an improvement in the quality of being out and about.

What did you love, learn, or feel grateful for this week?

This post is part of the weekly Ten Things of Thankful blog hop.



27 thoughts on “Three Good Things [09.06.14]

  1. Love Tony Kornheiser and I’m not really a big sports fan. And isn’t Coffee and Crumbs great? I had an essay featured there last month, and another one coming out in October. I love the manifesto of that website. Great stuff.
    Always look forward to these blog posts, Michele!

  2. I like the way you organized your post. Things you love, things you learn, and things for which you are thankful. Even though I’m sure you are thankful for your loves and learns as well.

  3. I somewhat enjoyed the book tagging thing. I write my ten, but today and the used bookstore I, of course, found several I should have included. It was interesting just the same.

  4. I really love the way you format your list. Very creative! I am with you on the tagging games on FB but the one for the ten books was actually great since I found a lot of books I haven’t read that I can add to my list. I haven’t updated Goodreads in quite some time and I’m sure my list is pitiful! I’m going to put the #DiaperNeed drive on my calendar and make sure to do some tweeting this week. What a great idea….I sure don’t mind getting behind things like that.

    • Thanks, Sandy. There are so many great weekly wrap-up formats; I love reading all the different ways people write about their weeks.

      Good reminder that I need to do some more DiaperNeed tweeting!

  5. Sometimes it’s the little things like almond milk which make such a lot of difference. I’m glad you can get it now, while you’re out. And YAY for your treadmilling. That’s really good.

    Thanks for the info on the #DiaperNeed – I really like that you’re using blogging to promote social causes, and this seems like a really great one.

  6. Small world Michele! Sounds as if you live in the same area I do….I know about the “commutes” lol.
    Good one – “your three months is my 14 years”. Time truly is relative, non?:)
    I keep hearing of the almond milk. Think I need to see what that’s about….
    Congrats on your finished basement!

  7. holy smoke! (in today’s Post) I suggested that the rate of (the) passage of time here in the ‘sphere might be significantly different from how it passes in the ‘real’ world… (who doesn’t love synchronicity?)

    I got a kick out of the book thing on ‘the Facebook’ this week, for me it was…’try to remember a book by stage of life’…interesting exercise.

  8. You have reminded me that I never did the book thing on Facebook after someone tagged me. Oops!
    My kids’ high school collected diapers all last week to donate to a Birthline center, which helps new moms. Their slogan was something like No Child’s Wet Behind.
    Isn’t it wonderful when a big project gets completed? What a relief!

    • That’s so great about the diaper drive! Our neighborhood ended up doing a spur-of-the-moment one this week, too.

      One of these days I’ll post all about the basement. 🙂

  9. Oh, I love the Little House books, too! When I started homeschooling my daughter, we used Little House on the Prairie as a unit study. I think I had more fun than my daughter!

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