Right Now (The Nesting Edition)

What better way to start a post about what’s happening right now than to talk about what I’m not doing much of right now?

That being, as you may have noticed, writing. I haven’t written since Teddy’s birthday, for a whole bunch of reasons, most of which basically boil down to being ginormously pregnant and lacking the motivation, energy, and/or creativity for new posts. It’s as if the space in my brain that even a month ago was bubbling over with post ideas has been entirely taken over by nesting: lists of things to get done, ideas for stocking the freezer, critical items that simply must be bought, like a baby book and teeny, tiny diapers and slippers for the hospital.

Apparently writing a few weeks ago about procrastinating on the baby front was enough to kick my nesting instinct into overdrive.

tiny diapers

Ah! Look at all those tiny little diapers! (That should be enough to get through the first day at home.)

I want to write, but I’m also trying not to fight the whole nesting thing. (While also trying to fight the whole fall head cold thing, sans cold medicines.) Besides which, I know I won’t be writing a whole lot in the early weeks once this kiddo arrives, and I’d hate to go cold turkey on my legions of admiring readers. So really, this is nature’s way of weaning you off my (already not-so) regularly written posts. Yeah, that’s it. It’s part of a bigger plan.

Anyway, here’s a look at what’s been going on lately.

[quoting] Anne of Green Gables: “I am so glad that I live in a world where there are Octobers.” (Can also double for [buying], as I found a print on Etsy with this quote for the baby’s room.)

[binge-listening] To the Pregtastic podcasts, the last episode of which was released 2.5 years ago, which means, yes, that I listened to all of these episodes when I was pregnant with Teddy. I’ve got tons of other podcasts downloaded, but I seem to keep coming back to these.

[finding] Lots of reasons to go downstairs to our now-finished basement. Even doing laundry is a little nicer when it means going down a set of sturdy, carpeted stairs and being able to sort and fold laundry — including new crib sheets and old burp cloths and swaddling blankets — on the counter.

[saying] “Ah, screw it” to the facts about how bad pumpkin spice lattes are for me, and buying one (or two) anyway. There’s so much other good stuff that I can’t have right now that I’m giving in on this one.

[running] Laps and laps around the house after a kid who never. stops. moving.

[attempting] To shake my head of the dual earworms of the Elmo’s World and Daniel Tiger theme songs. See, kid who never stops running. These are the only two shows that give us a few minutes’ reprieve. So I suppose it’s worth having “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood” running through my head on repeat. Maybe.

[resisting] The urge to buy a bunch of fall maternity clothes. Maybe. Perhaps this one should also double as [justifying] buying some new maternity jeans, since I’ll be wearing them for a while even after the kiddo’s here (see, pumpkin spice latte buying, above).

[anticipating] Sweater weather and apple and pumpkin picking this weekend. October’s here, baby! (Literally. As in, October’s here. Baby. Eeeeek.)



8 thoughts on “Right Now (The Nesting Edition)

  1. We want pictures of the Anne of Green Gables print. And by “we” I mean “me.” Also, TINY DIAPERS. You will be cradling an itty bitty hiney in less than a month. Nest away, my friend. We will be waiting to hear from you when you resurface.

  2. Love the October print, perfect! Gosh I guess it really is count down time. The time flew, though maybe not so quick for mommy!

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