Three Good Things [10.24.14]

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It seems a little anti-climactic to write a list of seemingly random “good things” when I’m two days away from going to the hospital to have a baby. It’s like, there’s a link to a story I really liked, and then there’s I’M HAVING A BABY.

But said baby’s not here yet, so she doesn’t count in this week’s list. Don’t worry, I’ll use her as fodder for plenty of upcoming posts…

Three things I’ve loved (recently, since I’ve slacked on weekly postings yet again):

  • 40 years of sister pictures. This story, about four sisters who have taken a picture together every year for 40 years, went viral a couple of weeks ago, so you’ve probably already heard about it. But as my mom is one of nine sisters (and six brothers), and B’s mom is one of five girls, this piece so resonated with me. There’s so much beauty, and so many stories, in those 40 years of photographs. And they give weight to the cliché of “a picture says 1,000 words” – they tacitly but oh-so-loudly make the case for stepping out from behind the camera to take pictures with the people who mean the most to you.
  • Starting to read My Other Ex: Women’s True Stories of Leaving and Losing Friendships. As I’ve described many times over in this space, Listen to Your Mother has introduced me to so many new things – including the many anthologies of excellent essays and posts written by bloggers who have participated in LTYM. One of these books, My Other Ex, was released a few weeks ago, and although I’ve just started it, I can tell it’s going to be an important book for me. Like everyone out there, I’ve had friendships break up. Some were in nasty explosions, while others just faded away, but they all left marks on my heart. I’m keeping the box of tissues nearby.
  • #31days31voices on Project Underblog. I love this blog’s October project, featuring a new writer to the site every day. There’s a huge variety of writers and voices and styles over the last 3.5 weeks of posts, and I’ve been introduced to a bunch of new bloggers I might not have otherwise found. (Related: am also kicking myself for having not submitted an essay for the 31 days project.)

Three things I’ve learned about:

  • A former co-worker and his wife were named National Geographic’s Travelers of the Year. They spent 16 months traveling around the world — 30,000 miles in 24 countries — and they volunteered at least one day each week, including counting sharks in the Philippines, picking up trash in Borneo, and practicing English with monks in Laos. And now they’ve launched a campaign advocating for short-term volunteering. How cool is that?
  • Ubiquitous baby blankets. OK, so the impending birth sneaks in. I was interested to read this story about why it seems like every FB/Instagram/Twitter picture you see of a new baby has them in the same blanket (which would also be why there are several of them in our box of baby blankets, and I’m expecting to get more this week). That company must be rolling in cash. Or more to the point, swaddled in it.
  • The launch of Scary Mommy’s 2014 Thanksgiving project. Three years ago, Scary Mommy started a project to help families afford Thanksgiving dinner. The small initiative has grown each year, and it’s helped more than 4,500 families so far. Even better: proceeds from a new Scary Mommy anthology (yay again for anthologies) will benefit the project this year. Visit the link above to learn more about the project, donate to help, find out how to spread the word, get a link to buy the book, or apply for a donation.

Three things I’ve felt grateful for:

  • No more Metro until March! Is it wrong that I’m almost as excited to be done with work because I won’t have to deal with Metro delays and rude passengers as I am for the baby to arrive? I still wouldn’t want to drive every day, but I distinctly remember how much better life was without Metro in it on a regular basis during my first maternity leave.
  • Work baby shower, complete with surprise visit from B and Teddy. It was a sweet way to send me off into the land of not paying attention to anything related to the federal budget for the next four months, complete with ruffled-butt baby outfits and lots of bread products and Nutella (most decidedly not on the gallbladder diet and I gobbled it up anyway).
  • Pre-baby lunch with some of my tribe of daycare moms. A leisurely way to ease into maternity leave, a chance to hang with a couple of the babies who are going to be Baby V 2.0’s daycare pals, and a good reminder of how fortunate we are to have found an extended family of sorts through this daycare.

The next time I catch you back in this space, I’ll be a mom of two. Eeeeek.

In the meantime, tell me what you loved, learned, and felt grateful for this week. I’ll have some time on my hands to read coming up!


5 thoughts on “Three Good Things [10.24.14]

  1. Hi, I saw your blog listed on Stirrup Queens’ site today and thought I’d come over and say hi. I, too, am parenting after IF AND I have been co-producer of the Raleigh-Durham LTYM show for the last two years!

  2. Thanks for the Project Underblog link especially!
    I did LTYM Portland last May – what an amazing experience, especially for a shy, private person like me. The support I felt from the room after publicly divulging my decade-long battle with an eating disorder and subsequent difficulty with conceiving was overwhelming.

    Good luck with the wait – the last couple of weeks are the hardest part!

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