Katie’s First Weeks, An Illustrated Narrative

She’s here.

In fact, she’s been here for 25 days, or so the pediatrician tells me. (I appear to be keeping slightly less track of things than I did when Teddy was born, unless we’re talking about which night Rehab Addict is on, which, for the record, is Thursday.)

Katie’s birth story is a happy one, and one that I intend to share here…at some point. You know, when I have the attention span and mental capacity to string together more than a few stray thoughts (and probably once I’ve made my way through the entire Netflix catalog).

The 25 days since her birth have been happy ones, too, though some have been more exhausting and exasperating than others. (Thank cluster feeding for the exhaustion and the toddler for the exasperation.) Until I get to the official story of her birth, here’s a look at the last 3.5 weeks in pictures.

Katie, freshly baked:katie 1Brother and sister meet for the first time:

katie teddy 1

A first as a family of four:

family 1

Not sure what she was getting into with the whole sponge bath thing:

bath 1

Cheering on the home team (and yes, there’s a filter applied here. I’m using the one-week postpartum excuse):

pats 1

Katie as a lady who lunches:

katie lunch

He loooooves his sister. So much that he needs to be veryclose to her at all times:

katie teddy 2

Cluster feeding and many middle of the night meetings = CHEEKS:

cheeksBack soon with more of the story.


19 thoughts on “Katie’s First Weeks, An Illustrated Narrative

  1. She’s gorgeous, Michele! I love the family photo and you look amazing! It’s not the filter either. Ah, I remember those middle of the night meetings…. hugs to you all and I cannot wait to meet her!!!

  2. Katie is precious – congratulation to you and your family. I was poking around a bit on your blog, and saw that you were in the LTYM show this year in DC. I was there, and a quick peek onto YouTube reminded me of your reading. While it may not be easy to get the perfect family pic for your Christmas card this year, having the family is what really matters.

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