It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

The turkey’s been carved (or, in our case, turkeys — because every Thanksgiving dinner of four adults and four children under 4 requires two turkeys), the wine bottles have been dropped discreetly in the recycling barrel, and Black Friday doorbusters are behind us.

You know what that means: it’s time to usher in the Christmas season.

Today’s wind chill was in the 20s, and there were “conversational” snowflakes in the air. Bring on the fa-la-la and Charlie Brown and the pine needles and the jumbled knots of lights and all that stuff.

Unless, you know, you’re me, and you’ve also been listening to Christmas music on the sly for weeks. Hey, when you have hundreds of songs on your ultimate Christmas playlist, you have to get started early. (I did put the playlist on a brief hiatus last week when it hit 75 here.)

If you’re new here, you might not know about my Christmas addiction, but it turns out that I’ve actually written more about Christmas than almost anything else on this blog. So I figured I might as well round up the posts I’ve written about my Christmas memories, favorite holiday movies and songs, and some of the more…imperfect…parts of the season.

So pour yourself some egg nog or mulled wine, and take a spin through my ghosts of Christmas posts past:

  • My favorite holiday movies. Feel free to comment with your favorite Love Actually quote. I’ll get us all started: “Eight is a lot of legs, David.”
  • My top 10 Christmas songs. My playlist (now 300+ songs and counting) includes 1960s girl bands singing Winter Wonderland as produced by murderer Phil Spector; Bebe Newirth and John Lithgow in a salty-sounding version of Baby, It’s Cold Outside; the 12 Pains of Christmas and Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer; and guaranteed-to-make-you-cry versions of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, River, and Wintersong. Chair dancing, laughing and crying, all at the same time? Yup, this is my music. (For the record, I’m not the only Christmas music crazy. Check out this Vox piece on why Christmas music still makes so much money.)
  • My ode to the tradition of the family Christmas tree. Charlie Brown has nothing on us. Somehow I married a guy who attempts to apply rational thinking to Christmas trees (as in, “But we aren’t even here on Christmas. Why put up a tree?”). Only problem: rational thinking doesn’t apply to me + Christmas. I win. I love our tree.
I'm not the only one in this house who likes decorating the tree.

I’m not the only one in this house who likes decorating the tree.

  • A more-sweet-than-bitter look at the tradition of sending Christmas cards: why, for many years, I didn’t, and the happy promise they represented for me a couple of years ago.

What this list really comes down to is tradition. These are things I look forward to every year, and every one of them makes me happy (which is probably a big reason why I watch Love Actually in May, and listen to the Muppets Christmas Album with the first hours of sweater weather).

The best tradition? Packing up the car, turning on the ultimate holiday playlist and heading north, Boston-bound. Just as Amy Grant loves her Tennessee Christmas, I love my Massachusetts Christmas, complete with the feast of the seven fishes and dinner with my grandparents on Christmas Eve; stockings and presents from Santa at my parents’ house; the back porch filled with family at B’s parents’ house on Christmas Day; and a week full of time with family and friends.


18 thoughts on “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

  1. I so love that you’re so into Christmas!! I am too, now… but also wasn’t for a bit, and am embarrassed to say that I haven’t even thought about our holiday card yet (and I know know know you have probably proudly ordered yours with such blessed reasons and I’m so very thankful to know you and the story of your Christmas cards first hand… and this very happy holiday season that you’re celebrating with new sweet Katie and OMG I bet Teddy has his wish list all set 🙂

    • You might think I’d have our card done after that whole to-do about cards before a live audience, but NOPE. I am also a giant procrastinator, which the holiday season just makes worse! Will be looking at templates this weekend…so thankful for you, too! xo

  2. I love you for this post and I love this post! Because I loooove Christmas and am also married to a man who tries to apply logic like that. But they love us so they let us go at it 😉 Enjoy the season!

  3. You really do love Christmas so much!! 🙂
    “There really is love all around.”
    My husband and I watch Love Actually every December, and he still cries every time. I also love The Bishops Wife, an old classic with Cary Grant, David Niven and Loretta Young. Do you know it?
    Fave holiday drink is a bourbon Milk Punch. Ah, love it all!

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