There’s the Promise of a Christmas Card, and There’s the Reality of the Christmas Card Photo Shoot.

I got up on a stage earlier this year and not only talked about how sending Christmas cards took on a greater significance once I was trying to have a baby, but I also vowed in my performance that I’d be sending cards this year with two babies on them — Teddy and his little sister.

Yup, I committed to designing, stuffing, and addressing dozens of Christmas cards while making a dramatic public announcement of my pregnancy.

That meant, I realized not all that long ago, that at least a few people are, you know, expecting to get a Christmas card from us. I perhaps had not thought through the effort involved in this endeavor. Or, more likely, I figured I’d have plenty of time. After all, it took a few different photo shoots to get that first Christmas card picture of Teddy, but I had lots of maternity leave time to design, stuff, and address the cards.

Right? Only it seems that I’d forgotten that my first kid was a champion nap fighter, and in reality, I was scrambling to finish our cards before leaving for Boston that year. And this kid? She’s not a nap fighter on the same par as her brother, but she’s striving to set her own records in terms of time spent crying at night.

So, that sets the scene for yesterday, when I determined we had to both get a perfect Christmas card shot of the two cherubs and design and order the cards if I’m actually going to get them out before said holiday.

You can probably see where this is heading. Because deadlines + newborns + toddlers are often a winning combination. Yeah.

In the end, we got one shot that was good enough, and I mined the many, many pictures we’ve taken over the past six weeks to fill in the other gaps on the card. And I pretty much designed and ordered the cards, if by “designed and ordered” you mean “agonized over the design, uploaded all the pictures I’d somehow missed in other rounds of uploads, picked out the card and put in my shipping and billing information only to forget to hit ‘place order’ until this morning.” Oops.

Anyway, thought I’d share a few of the … less perfect shots. Some year I’ll say “screw it” and send the card full of these shots, instead.

"Guys? I don't think I'm big enough for this chair. And it doesn't even have my name on it."

“Guys? I don’t think I’m big enough for this chair. And it doesn’t even have my name on it.”

Blurry. Shocker. Because he usually sits in one place for more than five seconds.

Blurry. Shocker. Because he usually sits in one place for more than five seconds.

outtake 3

“Don’t step on her head while we try to take this artsy shot. Don’t fall on her. Get off the blanket.”

outtake 4

“I’m just staring adoringly at my little sister while my parents let her slide down in pursuit of a cute picture.”

outtake 5

“Have you really not gotten enough pictures yet? Because I am OVER IT.”


6 thoughts on “There’s the Promise of a Christmas Card, and There’s the Reality of the Christmas Card Photo Shoot.

  1. Ha! And this is why I never do holiday cards. I just don’t have it in me. I did make granola for all our friends this year (a joint project for me and my toddler, who LOVES to “help”) I remember your LTYM talk… I am on a mission to watch every single talk from 2014. I think I have about 5 cities (of 32) left, but as as soon as I clicked on your video and started watching, I remembered your voice and your story and the impression it left on me. (I watched DC this summer as I am doing it alphabetically by city name), It was really touching.

    • Thanks so much! I meant to mention the LTYM connection. Your piece was lovely, too – the part with your dad cracked me up. That’s an admirable goal to watch all of them! I know Kate Hood does it but I don’t know how she finds the time.

      And granola sounds like more fun than making cards, even with the toddler’s “help.” Happy holidays!!

  2. HAHA these are awesome, Michele! I have to find the photo of Tucker with Santa a couple of years ago and repost it. It’s almost as good as yours. Also, my cards just arrived today. OOps.

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