2014: A Look Back at a (Mostly) Happy Year

I started this year with a list of goals I was hoping to achieve in 2014. I met some and fell short of others, but we’ll just say “pregnancy” and leave it at that.

It turns out, though, that the highlights of the year had very little to do with where I thought 2014 was headed on January 1.

Family. A year ago, we were a family of three, with a toddler who was quickly moving from toddling to running, everywhere. Today, we’re a family of four. The toddler still runs everywhere, and now he pops out with new phrases every day (“Shhh, no talking, momma!”) and has a new-found love for his good friends, “Ernie and Burp.” He also loves his new sister, who’s slowly learning to sleep, seems to like giraffes just as her brother did, and has started shooting sideways smiles in Teddy’s direction — as long as he stays out of her personal space.

Not an example of respecting the baby's personal space.

The magic of our first Christmas with two kids. Also, not an example of respecting the baby’s personal space.

Fame and fortune. Ok, not exactly. But as I’ve said many times over in this space, Listen to Your Mother brightened my year immeasurably. The show’s effects reached far beyond the one-day performance. It introduced me to a new and fabulous group of friends, connected me with other bloggers from across the country, and more than anything, gave my writing a much-needed boost. I haven’t had as much time as I would have liked to follow through on all the writing ideas I’ve had (see infant and toddler combo, above), but there’s next year and beyond for that. (After all, if you accomplished everything you wanted to in a given year, there would be no need for New Year’s resolutions.)

The happy LTYM vibes stretched through 2014.

The happy LTYM vibes stretched through 2014.

Friends. I wrote earlier this year about the virtual village of friends who continue to support me through this whole motherhood thing. They also support me when I’m looking to trade “mom” for “Michele” and bottles of milk for bottles of wine, and that’s pretty nice, too. 2014 was the year when our house really became a home, thanks in large part to the friends we made outside our front door. I’ll never stop trekking back to visit friends in our old neighborhood, but it’s nice to know (and like!) the people just down the street, too.

Health. The fact that there’s not much to report on this front is good news on its own. My thyroid markers are where my doctors want them to be and the pregnancy gallbladder diet is no more, hallelujah. (The dairy-free diet persists, thanks to Katie’s sensitivity to milk, but I can go dairy-free if I can have fat in the forms of almond milk ice cream and Enjoy Life chocolate chips.)

In May, I walked with the Listen to Your Mother cast on to the stage to the ubiquitous “Happy,” and that song will forevermore remind me of that show, and this year.

That said, I know that 2014 was far more difficult for some of you, and I am holding you close to my heart today as the world looks back on a year you’d just as soon forget.

Here’s hoping that 2015 brings good health, happiness, love, and laughter for all of us.




7 thoughts on “2014: A Look Back at a (Mostly) Happy Year

  1. A wonderful wonderful year, Michele! I’m so glad that we did LTYM. It has been amazing getting to know you and the rest of our group – the show and its after effects have been one of the best parts of my year as well! Happy 2015 my friend! (oh and I love the photo of the “not an example of respecting the baby’s personal space!” – too cute!!)

  2. Happy New Year! I know about all the great writing ideas.. and then infant + toddler = no time to actually write! Or less than you’d like… I also am doing dairy- free for the baby and it hasn’t been nearly as hard as I’d imagined. I miss greek yogurt. I love coconut milk SO Delicious chocolate ice cream.

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