Listen In: Type A on Being B+

A while back, I spent some of my first day of maternity leave being interviewed by Sarah Bagley for her podcast. Sarah blogs, vlogs, and podcasts about being a recovering perfectionist in search of a B+ life, and her message and writing resonated with me from the minute I found her blog last spring (at which point I binge-listened to all of her podcast episodes up to that point). You see, I’m just a *bit* of a recovering perfectionist myself, though the degree to which I’ve recovered varies day by day and task by task.

Sarah and I have a lot in common: we were both part of Listen to Your Mother last spring (you can see her piece from the Baltimore show here), we’re juggling work, family (including two little ones), and our own interests and self-development, and you know, the whole perfectionist thing. So I was excited to get the chance to talk with her about the role that perfectionism has played in my life — admittedly not all for the good — and how I’m still trying to tame that beast.

Listen to our conversation here! And then tell me how you’ve conquered perfectionism, because I’m still a work in progress.


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