Three Good Things [02.06.15]

It goes without saying what this week’s #1 good thing is: the fact that my whoopie pie helmet cake won the Patriots the Super Bowl. Blame Pete Carroll’s play call/praise Malcolm Butler’s amazing interception all you want…it was the cake. Namely, the fact that we didn’t start eating the cake until the game was in jeopardy, and then it all turned around — just as in the previous two games.

I think it also goes without saying that I will be investing in Fluff — enough to keep filling those whoopie pies — for the upcoming baseball season. Pitchers and catchers report in two weeks, baby! Bring on baseball!

Until then, a look back at the last week.

Good things happen every day. (1)

Three things I loved:

  • Saved by the Bell reunion. If you’re anything like me, dozens of your Facebook friends already shared this this week, and if you’re not anything like me, you won’t grin ear to ear thanks to a Saved by the Bell reunion on Jimmy Fallon’s show. But this totally made my week, especially all the inside jokes they threw in there for the true SBTB fans among us. Though they could have tossed in one or two more for the six of us who dutifully watched the terrible college spinoff, too. (I loved it. No excuses, no apologies.)
  • One Bad Mother. It appears that Katie is going to be a TV lover like her brother, as she’s now craning her head to watch the tube from any and every angle. So, it’s back to podcasts I go. Tony Kornheiser’s on vacation this week, so I downloaded a few episodes of One Bad Mother, a weekly podcast from two friends who chat about everything motherhood and parenting, with a side of bad language, and a weekly “genius and fail” segment. They’re my kind of people.
  • Parks and Rec. The series finale airs on February 24. That makes me sad! But damn, they are going out in fine style and making hard to say goodbye. More laugh-out-loud moments this season already than all of last year, I think. And we’ll always have “Get On Your Feet.”

Three things I learned:

  • Tom Brady calls everyone “babe.” Okay, so I already claimed the Super Bowl as the best thing of this week. But this profile of Tom Brady by Mark Leibovich in the New York Times Magazine was fascinating. I had no idea about this best friend of his, who’s also his trainer, nutritionist, and all-around guru….in this post-PED world, it makes me go “hmm,” but you can’t go wrong with a fourth ring at 37.
  • 40 places to take your kids before they’re grown. My brother and sister and I were fortunate that our parents loved taking us on vacation, and it’s a tradition that B and I are determined to keep going…just as soon as our children don’t drive us completely batty on planes or on really long drives. (How my parents handled three children for hours and hours in one car — before we even had a minivan — is beyond me.) I love not just having this list of good places to see, but target ages for the visits.
  • This week was the 22nd anniversary of the Family and Medical Leave Act. We are still many, many miles away from a workable family leave policy in this country that truly values families — new families, families in crisis, families caring for their eldest members — but I’ve been fortunate to have job protection under FMLA for both my maternity and medical leaves. I’m sad to be counting down the few weeks until I head back to work, but I’m so grateful to have had this time, and that I have my job to return to.

Three things I was thankful for:

  • Good test results. At this time seven years ago, I was in the thick of my first low-iodine diet, gearing up for my first radioactive iodine treatment. And now my cancer marker is undetectable, for the first time ever. Getting results like that almost makes the waiting for them palatable.
  • Online rentals of hospital-grade breast pumps! Yes, these are the things for which new moms are grateful. I had a love-hate relationship with my pump the last time around — necessary evil and all that — and have avoided pumping as much as possible in the last few months, but there’s no getting around the need to start building a stash. The hospital-grade pump is crazy expensive, but it’s worth it for a quicker, gentler pump, especially when you’re hooked up to the damn thing for 60+ minutes every day for months. I was glad when my breastfeeding group directed me to iBrump — silly name, but less expensive pump rentals, and delivered to my front door 48 hours after I placed my order. Win.
  • Maternity leave dates with friends. Once I head back to work, time for leisurely coffees and lunches with friends will be few and far between, so I’ve been so thankful to have had the time for them over the last few months. They’ve given me the chance to check back in with friends I haven’t seen in a long time, have conversations longer than harried texts exchanged during metro commutes with others, and turn what were acquaintances into real friends. Plus, there’s the whole get-out-of-the-house-with-portable-baby thing. With my eye on the calendar, I’m making a few more dates for the next couple of weeks now — all the while trying not to overschedule my last treasured weeks at home. Sigh. Smile. Sigh.

What did you love, learn, and feel thankful for this week?


14 thoughts on “Three Good Things [02.06.15]

  1. Makes sure you file insurance claim for those breast pump rentals! Every insurance carrier is required to cover breast pumps per the ACA.

  2. I cannot wait for baseball to return! I am so very ready! & so very excited about your test results! Good news in the face of difficult times is always a lovely thing.

    This week, I learned a few things that will hopefully make my job easier, and I learned a few things that make it harder as well.

  3. Congratulations on the good news – my mother just went through all of that last year and I remember flying back East to help her do all the prep and doctor’s appointments and gosh, there was so much she had to remember to do, eat, not eat, take this pill at this time….

  4. I just discovered Parks and Rec… While the series finale sounds sad, I am glad I have sooo many episodes yet unwatched… As far as what I’m grateful for.. I would have to say trusting my gut and taking my baby to a new pediatrician who was willing to refer us to an allergist. Turns out she has major, major food allergies. I am sooo overwhelmed but also soooo thankful I found out before I fed her anything she is severely allergic to. Also grateful I haven’t had a chance to meet our first pediatrician in an alley since seeing the allergist:)

    • Ugh to the allergies but GOOD FOR YOU for trusting your gut and finding the answers you needed. What’s next? Elimination diet? I have some resources for you on the “full” elimination diet (dairy, soy, wheat, nuts, corn, etc) if that would be helpful. I hope she’s feeling better soon! And thanks for the congrats on my test results. 🙂

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