It’s a New Month

I had designs on writing a post last month that would have been called “Reclaiming March.” It was going to be about how, historically, March has been a craptastic month for me, but how this year, it was going to be better. Or if it was bad, I wasn’t going to let it get me down.

And then March laughed in my face.

Actually, it didn’t laugh so much as it snickered and spat in my face, and taunted me, right up through its final hours.

So maybe I’ll write that post next year. You know, when we’ve found the lost house keys and the baby is sleeping through the night and we’ve got the whole two-kids-plus-two-working-parents thing down to a science.

Then again, maybe I won’t. Maybe I’ll just keep those thoughts to myself and not tempt fate, because that was dumb.

Anyway, not a whole lot to say here other than I miss writing and I miss you and I have lots of ideas for posts but not a whole lot of time to get them out.

Actually, no, that’s not exactly true. In the interest of honesty, I have plenty to say, but it’s about March and how it kicked my ass and how I fell down on pretty much every role I have – and how I just plain fell down, on my way home from work one day – and how, damn, having two kids is hard. This shit is just HARD.

But now it’s April, so that’s all I’m going to say about March. I hope you’ll stick around, because longer, sunnier days are coming – along with, I hope, more sleep-filled nights – and I’ll have more to say soon.

For now, though, a picture in which I’m proud that I finally figured out how to put one of those elastic headbands in my little bunny’s hair.

easter chick

15 thoughts on “It’s a New Month

  1. First of all, ADORABLE picture. Second, it scares me that there is no mention of opening day in this post, which in itself is telling. I need to get over there with some wine!

      • Ha, I just saw this. Surprising as it may be I listen to the news on my way to work and for some crazy reason opening day was a topic!!! The fact that you didn’t mention it in your long overdue post is frankly shocking. Yep you’ve gone off the deep end. Wine will help.

      • Don’t worry, I’ve made up for it with lots and lots of baseball watching this weekend. But wine is still welcome; I’m digging out of a big hole!

  2. Sounds like you’ve had a month that even I will drink wine with you instead of Miller Lite! And I do have to comment that I’m shocked Stephanie even knew today was opening day.

  3. I agree with your friend Liz. It’s time to meet for a drink. It is hard, you are right. I remember those days palpably (and I wasn’t working). But I can say that after seeing you a couple of weeks ago, YOU are still you: gorgeous, witty, and so much fun to hang around with. It might not feel that way now, but we see it. Hang in there, lady. April and May will be kind. And if they’re not, drinks are on me. All the drinks.

    • Thanks, Callie. It was SO wonderful to see all of you (& to remind myself that I was still in there, somewhere, even if I came home to a sad baby). But I’m in for the drinks! May 3 for sure. 🙂

  4. March was hard here, too, and my son is five. NOT said to make it feel like this shit goes on forever because it doesn’t and it’s missed and it’s important while it’s here even though it feels life sucking and sucking and crappy at most of the times but said because now, I miss those times too, as crazy as that is. Hang in there mama. You’ll be and be and are or will be okay. I promise. In the meantime, hugs and please feel free to drop your precious little pumpkins off at my house in va anytime that you and the husband need a break. Think about it at least.

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