Right Now [the Halfway Through 2015 Edition]

Photo credit: Morgan Sessions

Photo credit: Morgan Sessions

Um, hey guys, it’s July. Just in case like me, you thought might still be the end of May, or maybe March. (I would say that March feels like it was a million years ago, and in some ways it does, but oof, March, this year. And again, that’s all I’ll say about that.)

Anyway, it feels like a good time to take stock and reflect on what’s happening in and around the Storybook Life house as we hit the year’s halfway point.

[testing] the dairy waters. Oh, cheese, how I’ve missed you. I’m not going full-bore back to dairy — I don’t want to shock Katie’s system or rev up my reflux — but damn, that first pack of M&Ms tasted good. As did that first piece of pizza, and the first real chocolate chip cookie. Yummm, cookies.

[sipping] Firefly and seltzer. John Dalys, the nectar of summer (well, other than margaritas and crisp beers and cold white wine). Now all I need is Erin, my Firefly buddy, to come over and help me dip into that Costco-sized bottle.

[thumbing] through the pages of Cook’s Illustrated and The Atlantic and Parents, and (mostly) being honest that I’ll never make any of the Cook’s Illustrated recipes, read a full issue of The Atlantic, or do any of the fun projects displayed in Parents. But it makes me happy to get magazines in the mail, and to have them to flip through when I want the comfort of printed words but not the commitment of a book.

[binge watching] Mad Men, still. Up to the middle of season 3, and I’m still loving it. I can’t wait to see how they use the JFK assassination as a back drop for the later part of the season. Also still reading Alan Sepinwall’s recaps of every episode; I feel like I haven’t “finished” the episode until I see what he thought of it. Am also sometimes cheating and reading one recap ahead, which is so dumb, because I hate spoiling stuff for myself, and yet I can’t help it. Can TV recap reading be considered a compulsion?

[listening] to my new (and old) favorite podcasts. When I’m not watching Mad Men, I’m listening to One Bad Mother and the Girls Next Door, and my newest faves, Happier from Gretchen Rubin and Totally Mommy from Elizabeth Laime. But my listening list is missing a good pop culture show. What should I listen to? Preferably something a little tongue in cheek that’s a half hour or shorter. Bonus points if there’s any discussion of the British royals. (Why don’t the Go Fug Yourself girls have a podcast? Topic for a different day…)

[eyeing] schedules for nearby yoga and barre and spinning studios. Barre and spinning totally intimidate me, so don’t go putting any money on the odds that I’ll actually take one of those classes, however good they might be for whipping my butt back into shape. And the yoga classes I’m looking at won’t, either — they’re more of the “good excuse to take a nap while wearing quasi-athletic clothing” variety — but a little savasana might do a mind and body both good.

[downloading] pictures and videos from my phone…but somehow never getting around to [uploading] them to Snapfish or [printing] any of them out. Which may be why people at work keep commenting on my four-month-old daughter, since that’s the picture of her on my door. Um, yeah, no. She’s actually eight months old. I’m just lazy, and she’s a second kid. Here, want to see my phone? I’m sure I have a picture that’s been taken within the last month…

[marveling] at the leaps that both Teddy and Katie are making, seemingly every day (even absent photographic evidence). Teddy’s out of his crib and into a toddler bed, and (mostly) potty trained, and capable of weaving funny stories. Katie’s sometimes now actually in her crib, and when she’s not, she’s happiest to be wherever her big brother is — but increasingly wants in on his fun (“no, Katie, that’s MY toy!”), and she’s found her voice to let us know when she’s being left out.

[counting] down to the start of school. As in NEXT MONTH. Um, what? Daycare “graduation” is at the end of this month. So if you’re looking for me, it’s safe bet I’ll be in the corner with some tissues. I’m so glad that our daycare friends are right around the corner, so goodbye won’t really be goodbye, but just “see you Saturday.”

[gearing] up for Katie’s first Fourth of July. A weekend of cold beer and loud fireworks and pic-a-nics, as Teddy would say, sounds just about right to me.

5 thoughts on “Right Now [the Halfway Through 2015 Edition]

    • In a twist on the more common saying, this year’s days have been long, but the months have been (sort of) short. The time between Memorial Day and the 4th of July feels like it passed in a blink. Hoping to make the most of these last two months before we have a preschooler!

  1. I can’t believe it’s already July. Not just July but MID July! Eeek! Yay that you have been able to reintroduce cheese. Do you remember those commercials long ago “Behold the power of cheese?” I still think of that slogan every single time I eat cheese. Behold the power of advertising!

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