Stitch Fix Review #2 – November 2015

Stitch Fix Review #2

As I explained last month, I’ve turned to Stitch Fix to help makeover my outdated mom wardrobe. My original plan was to get a Fix every other month, but once that box arrived last month, I knew I couldn’t wait. I scheduled my next box to arrive at the start of November to boost my fall wardrobe choices and maybe even to give me something to wear on Thanksgiving.

A quick review on how Stitch Fix works: You fill out an online style profile, based on which a stylist chooses five items (clothes, jewelry, and/or accessories) to send. You pay a $20 styling fee, which covers the cost of the stylist and shipping, and if you keep anything, you apply the $20 toward the cost of the item(s). If you keep all five, you get a 25% discount on the whole box! (You send whatever you don’t want back in a pre-paid envelope.) Last month I only kept one of five items, a necklace.

In the time since, it’s safe to say that I have become obsessed with Stitch Fix. I started a Pinterest page to show my stylist the types of looks and pieces that appeal to me, and in doing that, I quickly fell down the rabbit hole of other bloggers’ Stitch Fix reviews. (99.9 percent of which are better produced than my first one, I should add.) I read those reviews voraciously during October and pinned lots of new ideas. Read and pinned, pinned and read. And then I started to read about Stitch Fix itself. Did you know that the CEO started it as a project while she was at Harvard Business School? (To think that my main project in grad school was perfecting the art of writing a 20-page paper in two days. We had slightly different graduate school experiences.)

I feel like I’ve learned a ton in the last month or so — about what’s in my closet and how I could reinvigorate some of it with a few new pieces, what doesn’t fit or just isn’t my style anymore and needs to go, and what new elements I really want to incorporate into my wardrobe. I’m never going to be a fashion plate, but it feels nice to be giving slightly more thought to what I’m putting on every day after a few years of relatively ill-fitting and out-of-style maternity and postpartum clothes. And in the end, I just couldn’t wait for my next Fix to arrive; I jumped and had to buy some new work pants that fit like a dream, and I loaded scarves galore into my Amazon cart. I even bought a plaid flannel shirt. (Insert requisite 1994 joke here.) Hey, it looks cute and it’s not an Old Navy sweater. Though I did buy another of those, too…but in my defense, it’s a classic gray heather cardigan that I decided I needed to fill in a gap.

My Stitch Fix style profile gives my stylist a ton of detailed information about my sizes, my likes and dislikes, my desired price points, and the types of clothes I’d like to receive. (Fun casual? Yes, please. Cocktail wear? Not so much.) You can also provide detailed feedback on each piece from your last Fix to give the stylist more direction, and you can also write a Fix-specific note about what you want in this box. After taking the sad inventory of my closet and looking at approximately 7,567 other Pinterest pages and reviews, I took a leap of faith and asked for colored denim and/or skinny cords for the fall, along with a note that I’d really loved the pairings of crewneck sweaters and button downs I’d been seeing (and had pinned roughly 100 times). Then I made myself NOT buy anything more until I had my next Stitch Fix box in my hands.

Once I got the happy news that my Fix was on its way — early, even! — I couldn’t help but peek at what was in the box. A jean jacket, a dress, a pair of pants, and two blouses. My initial online sleuthing left me skeptical. Would I like what I saw?

Unpacking the Stitch Fix Box

Last month, my stylist was Shannon. This month, Alex chose my items. I think Shannon got me a little better, even if Alex did find a couple of things I’d pinned. My style profile explicitly asks for petites and bright colors, two things that were missing from this Fix, and the colored denim or cords, or crewneck sweater/button down pairing I’d requested for this month? Nope. But it wasn’t all for naught. Read on…

Liverpool Kolten Denim Jacket ($98)

Liverpool Kolten Denim Jacket - Stitch Fix

I have *never* owned a denim jacket. Not even back in their stonewashed ’80s heyday! But I realized while pinning outfits that a jean jacket could be a hugely versatile piece in my wardrobe for work and casual weekend activities. I’m glad Alex noticed that in my pins. This particular jacket, however, didn’t exactly do it for me. It was super soft and very comfortable, but the rinse was a little too true blue for me, and since it wasn’t a petite, the arms were slightly too long. I could request another one next month, but I feel like November is a month when I’d get a lot of use out of this piece. I ended up finding an alternative at Old Navy online today (on sale!); we’ll see how that one works out.

Verdict: Return

Mo Vint Duxbury Dress ($74)

Mo Vint Duxbury Dress - Stitch Fix

Mo Vint Duxbury Dress - Stitch Fix

This dress is cute, with some detailing at the neck and the bottom hem, but I just don’t need another black dress to add to my closet full of black dresses and skirts. Back it goes.

Verdict: Return

41Hawthorn Ackley Houndstooth Print Blouse ($68) and Liverpool Anita Skinny Pant ($78)

41Hawthorn Ackley Houndstooth Blouse, Liverpool Madonna Leggings - Stitch Fix

I was excited to see that the houndstooth blouse was coming my way, because I’d seen it in a few other bloggers’ Fixes in recent months and it looked so cute! Alas, on me, not so much. The off-white color washed me out and it was just too tent-like without petite sizing. I wasn’t overly impressed with the quality on this piece, either – a button fell off as I was putting it on, and some of the threads were coming loose around the cuffs.

The pants the top is paired with, though? YAY. Love ’em. They’re not colored denim or cords, but they are olive, one of fall’s big colors, and they fit perfectly. I can see myself getting a lot of use out of these for both work and home. There’s just one wrinkle: Stitch Fix says they sent me the Anita Skinny Pant, but these are labeled as the Madonna leggings. I’m happy with them, so I’ll keep them, but I’ve emailed Stitch Fix anyway to find out if I was supposed to get these or the alternative pants, and how different the two are. (Update: customer service got back to me and confirmed as many others have figured out, that they’re one and the same; Stitch Fix just renames them for some reason. Great pants, no matter the name.)

Verdict: Blouse – Return, Pants – Keep!

Alice Blue Timbers Split Neck Blouse ($54)

Alice Blue Timbers Split Neck Blouse - Stitch Fix

I’d pinned this blouse, too. It looked so cute in the Polyvore collages! In person…it was enormous, and totally sheer. I may have considered keeping this one if I were pregnant and wanted to try to hide a bump for a month or two. But I’m not, so back it goes. Bummer, because I like the idea of it, and I love navy-and-white stripes. I just like things that fit, more.

Alice Blue Timbers Split Neck Blouse - Stitch Fix

Verdict: Return

So I’m keeping 1/5, again. Stitch Fix doesn’t aim for 5/5 every time, and I don’t have the budget for that, anyway. I’m still enamored enough with the process and the novelty that I’ll try again, but I’ll be providing a lot of detailed feedback on this Fix, and hoping that next month’s box brings a few more brightly colored and better tailored pieces! What do you think of what I kept and sent back?

This post isn’t sponsored by Stitch Fix, and I pay for whatever I keep. But if you’re interested in trying Stitch Fix and you sign up using my referral link, I’ll receive a small credit to use toward future purchases. Thanks!

And, if you’re like me and can’t get enough of Stitch Fix reviews, visit the Stitch Fix review link up hosted by Maria from Kinder Craze and Crazy Together.



11 thoughts on “Stitch Fix Review #2 – November 2015

  1. You are so cute doing this! I had two successful fixes at the start. Then three in a row that were total flops. Then I got angry and frustrated and cancelled. It was like they didn’t listen to any of my detailed feedback. Let’s me know how the next few go for you.

    • That is so annoying. Did you have the same stylist for any of them? You’d think the algorithm had you figured out if they did such a good job at the start. Maybe they’d give you a credit for the styling fee to try again if you tell them how bad the last ones were?

  2. I love that you are doing this, I am living vicariously through your shopping. I think that 1/5 is a big win – when I go into a dressing room it is usually carrying anywhere from 5-10 items, and I just hope to like one of them. More than one and I am a very lucky and happy girl!

  3. Re: the pants…I have the same ones in black. Mine were labeled just like yours, Anita/Madonna. After a decent amount of internet research I’ve concluded they are the same thing, but there’s probably some business reason that StitchFix can’t call them Madonna, so they assigned another name. I’m interested to hear their response. Also, I’ve been begging for great olive pants from them and have had misses, super jealous!

    • It seems like SF renames quite a few items. Wonder if it’s so they don’t have to price match because it’s not an “exact” match of the item? I’m still loving the Olive Anitas/Madonnas, and I got the Mira skinnies in my newest Fix!

    • I have found the same thing. I just got my fist fix and it was AWESOME – with the black Anita pants. They fit like a dream and it was very hard for me to put them in that return mailer, but I cannot afford $80 pants, no matter how well they fit! I have been searching ebay and other sites to hopefully find a pair that I can afford!

  4. Ok I love this idea. I NEED a stylist’s help and that you kept 1/5 items is better than my last online order so I will so check them out. Thanks, Michele!

    • Did you check out Stitch Fix? My post on the box I got this week is going up today or tomorrow. It is a great service even if you don’t like everything they send. Plus there’s the fun of getting a surprise mailed to you!

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