Stitch Fix Review #3 – December 2015

Stitch Fix 3

And so, the love affair with Stitch Fix continues. This month, I continued to read blog reviews of other people’s Fixes and even joined a couple of Facebook Stitch Fix groups, where people post pictures of their items (and sometimes trade or sell them). The rabbit hole is deep, my friends. Can someone throw me a rope? Or better yet, just toss some dairy-free Christmas cookies and fake egg nog down here, since it doesn’t seem like I’m going to stop reading this stuff anytime soon.

A quick review on how Stitch Fix works: You fill out an online style profile, based on which a stylist chooses five items (clothes, jewelry, and/or accessories) to send. You pay a $20 styling fee, which covers the cost of the stylist and shipping, and if you keep anything, you apply the $20 toward the cost of the item(s). If you keep all five, you get a 25% discount on the whole box! (You send whatever you don’t want back in a pre-paid envelope.) Last month I only kept one of five items, a pair of Liverpool olive leggings.

I wasn’t tremendously disappointed with my last Fix, even though it decidedly lacked color and the fit of most pieces was off. I was still in Stitch Fix infatuation! But in hindsight, and as I saw what others were getting over the course of November, I grew a little more dismayed that my stylist really hadn’t taken my requests into much consideration (or if she did, she didn’t mention in the note why she couldn’t honor them, which the stylists often do). So for this month’s Fix, I tried to be as specific as possible in stressing color and fit in both my permanent style profile and my monthly style note. My requests this month: a pencil skirt for work, a dolman top (having seen lots in other people’s reviews), colored pants or cords (again), and a crewneck or cardigan sweater for fall/winter layering, along with a plea for color and petites, if available. I also updated my Pinterest page, pasted a link to last month’s blog review, and added a picture of myself to my profile (aka, I’m pale, with dark hair and eyes, and short! Send color! Send petites!).

And then I obsessively checked my Stitch Fix app to see when my box would arrive. I was thrilled to see it out for delivery two days early, only to have it arrive at my office after I’d left work for the day. Boo. But knowing it was waiting there for me made getting to work through the rain, after two kid dropoffs, a little more palatable.

At first glance, I knew my new stylist had listened better. But would the pieces fit? The box taunted me in my office all day, as I waited to get home to try the clothes on. And then, the kids were in bed, and the kitchen was clean, and time for the fashion show had arrived.

sf dec collage

Loveappella Canon Button Detail Striped Knit Top ($48)

Loveappella Canon Button Detail Striped Knit Top

Hmm, a white and gray striped knit top. On the one hand, so my style. On the other hand, I wanted color, right? But I’d also pinned a bunch of striped tops. And this one has cute button details on the sleeves and the gray continues across the back. I could see layering it with a cardigan for the fall and winter and wearing it through the spring and summer. The only problem came once I put it on — it clung in all the wrong spots, and the horizontal stripes didn’t do me any favors. I could have emailed Stitch Fix to ask for the next size up, but I think it would have been too loose in the arms, then. I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for something similar elsewhere.

Verdict: Sent back.

Laila Jayde Bowie Solid Dolman Sleeve Top ($58)

Laila Jayde Bowie Solid Dolman Sleeve Top

My stylist fulfilled my second quasi-specific request, for a dolman top (aka, bat sleeves, with a tighter waist). I love the color of this one and I can see how it could easily be dressed up for work or down for the weekend. I really struggled with whether to keep this one. I think it technically fits — it’s an XS — but there’s just too much fabric here, which doesn’t do my midsection any favors. I’m glad the stylist took my request (for both style and color) into account, but this one’s out.

Verdict: Sent back.

Liverpool Mira Skinny Jean ($78)

Liverpool Mira Skinny Jean

I’d originally told Stitch Fix no denim, because I thought I had enough. I’m glad I took that note out of my style profile for this month, because I also realized in the last month that the two pairs of American Eagle jeans that I love are getting worn and stretched out, and I probably need a bit of a jean jumpstart. I’d also noted last month that I loved the fit of the Liverpool pants that I kept, and I’d like to try more from them. Enter these black skinnies, which feel more like leggings than like jeans. They also have an elastic waist. Let me say that again: THEY HAVE AN ELASTIC WAIST. And yet, they don’t fit like any maternity jeans I wore over the last four years. I could be disappointed that I didn’t get some of the fun colored jeans or cords that others are receiving in their Fixes, but these fill another need in my closet (where they’re already hanging).

Verdict: Keeping!

Skies Are Blue Abela Open Cardigan ($48)

Skies Are Blue Abela Open Cardigan

Skies Are Blue Abela Open Cardigan

File this one under “requests fulfilled,” too. Adorable and cozy and totally versatile. Also totally the same color as another cardigan I bought in October for our family pictures. I like this one better, but that one can’t be returned and this one can, so back it goes. Too bad. I may request it in another color down the line – this would be a nice spring transition piece in a brighter color, if they have it.

Verdict: Sadly, sent back.

Margaret M Christiana Printed Pencil Skirt ($78)

Margaret M Christiana Printed Pencil Skirt

I’d pinned a couple of versions of this Margaret M skirt, but in a jacquard print. The version I got is black, with blue polka dots – really cute. And it’s a petite! And it’s a pull-on — no buttons or zippers! But it also pulled strangely across my hips, and for $78, I think it should be lined. I also question how much I’d end up wearing a polka dotted skirt, and it’s too expensive to keep as a novelty. Ah well.

Verdict: Sent back.

The final tally: another 1/5. But overall, this Fix was a much better fit, and I’ll be requesting the same stylist again for my next one….which won’t be until mid-to-late February. As much as I love getting these boxes, I think I’ve done enough sprucing up of my winter wardrobe for now. By mid-February, I’ll be eagerly looking ahead to spring (and my spring/summer clothes undoubtedly will need as much revitalization as my fall/winter ones did!).

Until then, I’ll just hang out here down in my Stitch Fix hole, living vicariously through others’ reviews.

Disclaimer: This post isn’t sponsored by Stitch Fix, and I pay for whatever I keep. But if you’re interested in trying Stitch Fix and you sign up using my referral link, I’ll receive a small credit to use toward future purchases. Thanks!

And, if you’re like me and can’t get enough of Stitch Fix reviews, visit the Stitch Fix review link up hosted by Maria from Kinder Craze and Crazy Together.



12 thoughts on “Stitch Fix Review #3 – December 2015

  1. I so badly wanted that dolman top to work! I do think you made the right choice though. Not happy that I have to wait until February to live vicariously through you again!

  2. I’m just ahead of you with 4 fixes and I do have to say the fitting issues can take a while to work out. I actually liked the dolman top on you, even with the extra fabric. It looks really good, and more natural in the jeans photo. Would you mind sharing how you joined Facebook groups, and which groups? I tried clicking “join” on a group, and maybe it’s my lack of Facebook skills, but I think I’ve not joined successfully. Thanks from a fellow new SF user!

    • Thanks, Karen. I really went back and forth on that top. I figured for that much money I should really like the fit, and if it felt off I wouldn’t end up wearing it as much as I should! But I hope I don’t look back and regret not keeping it.

      Re: the FB groups, I did just click “join” and was added shortly after. I joined the Stitch Fix Reviews and the Stitch Fix B/S/T group (the big one with 26,000+ members). Have you tried those?

      • Thanks Michele! I know what you mean about the price vs perfection dilema. I would probably buy much more from Stitch Fix if the costs were lower, even with the understanding that I’m paying them to shop for me. I tried to join the group so we’ll see what happens!

      • Totally agree re: prices. I think one of the reasons my wardrobe had gotten so bad is that I know a lot of inexpensive clothes don’t fit well/last, but I also have a hard time bringing myself to spend more! It’s easier when they just appear on your doorstep. 🙂

  3. I’m glad you sent back the dolman top. It was so eh. The jeans are GREAT! If you are ever in the market for non-maternity jeans with an elastic waist (I know it sounds so crazy!), check out Jag. They have petites and they are amazing. I have a pair and they are smaller than my usual size, so definitely get them a size or 2 smaller than you normally would. I am really excited for when SF starts to understand what Michele is all about and What She Wants!!! (also are you a fan of The Office?? The package you received at work made me think of Mindy Kaling chanting “Fashion Show at Lunch!” relentlessly when Pam gets a clothing package at work).

    • And now I must go watch that episode again. (I just watched the Yankee Swap episode last night!) And really good to know about Jag. I am going to have to check them out. It has taken me a long time to come around to the idea of paying more than $30 for jeans….but I get it now. 🙂

    • Oh yay! I can’t wait to see what you get! When are you getting your first box? Highly recommend doing a Pinterest style page for your stylist if you don’t already have one.

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