It Should Get Easier. But It Hasn’t.


As the ultrasound tech preps the computer, he asks the same questions as those before him:

“Have you been here for an exam before?”


“Why are you having this sonogram?”

“Thyroid cancer.”

“When was your diagnosis and your thyroidectomy?”

“November 2007. January 2008.”

January 2008. January 2, 2008, to be specific. Eight years ago this month. I’ve probably had at least 25 neck ultrasounds in the time since.

This process should get easier. But it hasn’t, not yet. I don’t know that it ever will, now.

This regularly scheduled neck ultrasound came back with normal results — just as dozens of others have — but that doesn’t make the process of waiting, having the test done, and waiting some more any easier. Click over to Lacuna Loft for my full piece about how my now-routine sonograms still feel anything but.


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