Stitch Fix Review #4 – February 2016


And, we’re back. I took January off from Stitch Fix, since I’d had three boxes in a row, had done a fair amount of shopping on the side that revitalized my closet even more than what came in my Fixes, and, well, Christmas. I’d originally slated my February box to come late in the month, but then I got some referral credit and Stitch Fix refunded my purchase of my beloved olive Anita skinny pants that I got in my November fix because some of the stitches had started to pull. (Yes, a more enterprising person than I could have fixed the stitches or had the pants repaired, but I know myself, and those pants would have sat on a shelf in my closet until next summer. Also, great customer service, taking the pants back immediately.)

So, I had two *really good* reasons to bump my delivery date back to the first week of February. And then, bonus – my fix shipped early! Even after a slight shipping hiccup – in which I panicked that it was lost forever – it still arrived two days early. Oh, the joy when I see the teal Stitch Fix logo. Pure happiness, I tell you.

A quick review on how Stitch Fix works: You fill out an online style profile, based on which a stylist chooses five items (clothes, jewelry, and/or accessories) to send. You pay a $20 styling fee, which covers the cost of the stylist and shipping, and if you keep anything, you apply the $20 toward the cost of the item(s). If you keep all five, you get a 25% discount on the whole box! (You send whatever you don’t want back in a pre-paid envelope.) 

You can read my reviews of my earlier Fixes here.

This month I requested some great ankle-length, dark rinse jeans with a price point of under $100 (because there are some *really* expensive brands out there), a pair of pants to replace my Anita skinnies and some layering pieces, along with my consistent plea for petites and bright colors. Did my Fix deliver?

Skies Are Blue Meggen Blouse; Market & Spruce Fulton V-Neck Knit Short Sleeve Top; Liverpool Hanna Skinny Pant; Just Black Adorra Skinny Jean; Avery Zipper Detail Hobo Bag

I already knew there would be color in the box, having peeked at my fix once it shipped (the big upside of the Stitch Fix app is that you can see pictures of some of the items). But I was even more excited when I opened the box and saw not just vibrant color but also tags with petite sizes on them. And the note from my stylist was the best and most personal one that I’ve received yet (hi, Shelby!):


On to the fashion show.

Skies Are Blue Meggen Scoop Neck Blouse ($58)

Skies Are Blue Meggen Scoop Neck Blouse

Oh, this color. It is EXACTLY what I meant when I asked for bright colors. And the sizing was just right in the shoulders, the neckline, and the length…which made it frustrating that the sleeves were too long and unfitted when the tabs were rolled down (but yet a little too tight when rolled up). “I think you can do better,” my sister told me. I agree.

Verdict: Returned.

Market and Spruce Fulton V-Neck Short Sleeve Knit Shirt ($68)

Market & Spruce Fulton V-Neck Knit Short Sleeve Top

I was skeptical about this sweater when I saw it in the app pictures and even less excited taking it out of the box. (I was really hoping for a cardigan or crewneck sweater that I could layer to take me through the rest of the winter and into the spring.) Shelby noted that this isn’t a petite but that she thought it might work as a longer tunic style sweater with leggings. But the problem here isn’t the length, but the too-wide v-neck and too baggy arms. It’s like a dolman without the cute dolman fit across the middle. Into the return envelope it goes.

Verdict: Returned.

Just Black Adorra Skinny Jean ($88)

Just Black Adorra Jean

I asked for ankle-length, dark rinse jeans under $100. Check, check, check. Softest jeans I’ve ever put on, and no cuffing at the ankle necessary. These are keepers, enough said. I’ll be requesting more of these in brighter colors for the spring.

Verdict: Keeping!

Liverpool Hanna Skinny Pant ($88)

Liverpool Hanna Skinny Pant

More Liverpool petite pants for the win. These are the replacement pants for my gone, but not forgotten, olive skinnies. They’re basically the same pants, in a different pattern. Same great fit! And I think this pattern will transition into spring better than the olive ones would have, so all in all, I’m happy. (Styled here with an H&M top and my Zad necklace from Fix #1.)

Verdict: Keeping!

Urban Expressions Avery Zipper Detail Hobo Bag ($68)

Avery Zipper Detail Hobo Bag

My bag situation is about where my closet was a few months back. When the strap on my hideous pump bag that I carried to work broke with only a couple of months left of pumping, I started carrying a diaper bag to work instead. (A cute looking Petunia Pickle Bottom bag, but a diaper bag nonetheless.) I stopped pumping in October. I am STILL carrying the diaper bag as my work tote. Meanwhile, I carry a Patriots diaper bag on the weekend. I mean, I’m proud to show support for the Pats, but I can’t say it’s high fashion. And my date night/going out bags are old, small Target holdovers – not a cute clutch to be seen. So, I’d pinned a few larger satchels and a couple of clutches in the last month, which inspired Shelby to send me the Avery bag. I see where she was going – this bag is big, has lots of pockets for organization, a cute lining, and a crossbody strap that would make it easier to carry with kids in tow. But yeah, the tassels – nope. So not me. I could take the ones off the zippers but not off the handle. Here’s hoping there’s a more classic version of this one in the Stitch Fix inventory for a future box.

Verdict: Returned.

The final tally: 2/5. I’m excited for more pants that fit well, but I’m ready to get some tops that work, too. Maybe in March?

Disclaimer: This post isn’t sponsored by Stitch Fix, and I pay for whatever I keep. But if you’re interested in trying Stitch Fix and you sign up using my referral link, I’ll receive a small credit to use toward future purchases. Thanks!

And, if you’re like me and can’t get enough of Stitch Fix reviews, visit the Stitch Fix review link up hosted by Maria from Kinder Craze and Crazy Together.



10 thoughts on “Stitch Fix Review #4 – February 2016

  1. Man, I am sort of disappointed on your behalf. With that great note from the stylist I thought for sure you’d have more keeps. I liked the bag, but for something you use daily, it needs to be perfect for you.

    • Exactly on the bag! I do have another red bag that I got in Italy and adore, but it’s just a hair too small for carrying all the kids’ stuff.

      I’m ok with not having a 5/5 box – that would get expensive! But this one definitely came closer, and I’m going to request Shelby again for next month, and ask mostly for tops and see how it goes.

  2. Even though some of your items were returned, this looks like an overall great box! I’m totally in the same boat as you when it comes to the need to cuff pants!

    • Yes, I am totally fine with not having a 5/5 box – that would be really expensive! And I am really happy that I’ve gotten some pants that don’t need any tailoring. It’s one big reason why I’d let my wardrobe get so dated.

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