Three Good Things [06.03.16]

Three Good Things June

June! In what could be a month tinged with post-birthday hangover, I’m instead looking ahead to the end of Teddy’s first year of school, a quick trip to see family and have a mini-getaway for our family of four, and the return of the slip and slide and frozen margaritas to our backyard. Bring it, summer!

Three things I’ve loved lately:

  • Anna Kendrick/Justin Timberlake True Colors duet. I like to believe that Anna Kendrick is still my doppelganger, just as she was all those years ago in Up in the Air. Even if we don’t look so much alike anymore (purely because of her ability to use stylists, I’m sure), we share a deep and abiding love for carbs and foul language. I already loved this song, and with my girl singing it, you can’t go wrong.
  • Saved by the Max. I’m still a hard-core Saved By the Bell fan girl. (Well, more specifically, a Mark-Paul Gosselaar fan girl, but my fan roots run deep.) Wonder if I can make a trip to Chicago by August to eat at this pop-up Saved By the Bell-inspired diner? Check out the menu – full of lots of SBTB trivia (though sadly lacking in a caffeine pill chaser for dessert).
  • Surprise adoption video. I know YouTube surprise videos (engagements, pregnancy announcements, etc) aren’t novel, but I’m still a sucker for them. And this one? Where new parents surprised everyone with their baby, after dealing with infertility, miscarriage, and a failed adoption? Oh, so many happy tears.

Three things I’ve learned:

  • The crowdfunding campaign to finish “Don’t Talk About the Baby.” 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage, and 1 in 160 in stillbirth. 1 in 8 couples struggle with infertility. These are all too common issues, and yet, many families experiencing them still find it difficult to discuss them openly. This documentary wants to change that. The movie has been crowdfunded until now, and the producers need only another $8,000 to get finished. I hope they get it, because I want to watch this movie. Even with these two kids at home now, I still feel a deep need to know that we weren’t alone in what we went through to get them.
  • Coffee + Crumbs is launching a book! A real-life, ink-and-paper version of one of my most favorite blogs will be out next April. Just in time for Mother’s Day. Ahem. For those who might be looking to buy me a present around that time…
  • The promise of veterans’ treatment courts. One of my new favorite podcasts, The West Wing Weekly (perhaps you’ve heard or read me rave about it once or 300 times?), devoted its episode over Memorial Day to a discussion with Melissa Fitzgerald, who played CJ’s assistant on the show and is now senior director of Justice for Vets, which advocates for veterans’ treatment courts to help connect vets with the treatment they may need for PTSD, substance abuse, and other issues. An illuminating episode of a fantastic show. (Also, bonus tidbit: Melissa used to be married to Noah Emmerich, who guest starred in an episode of the West Wing and is now Stan on the Americans.)

Three things I’ve been grateful for:

  • A dad’s perspective on infertility and loss. You may have already seen this Facebook post, which has made its way around this week – for good reason. If women are given little space to discuss tough issues around getting and staying pregnant, then men are given none. I’m grateful to this dad for candidly sharing the experience from his side, too.
  • Parents who chaperone. Our roughly 300 days of rain in May bungled Teddy’s teachers’ plans for two class field trips, which then ended up falling in back-to-back weeks. I’d hoped to be able to go to at least one of them, but then he got sick and I got sick, and I missed a bunch of work, and I couldn’t make it work. I’m grateful for the parents who were there to help herd dozens of preschoolers on and off buses and through crowds on hot, sunny days, and especially to the dad who let Teddy fall asleep on his shoulder after a long, fun outing.
  • Helpful sales and service people. When the rain finally stopped, we skipped directly over spring and launched into summer, a/c required. Only when we turned it on…the temperature in the house actually rose. The first company I called was booked up for two weeks (undoubtedly fixing all the air conditioning units of everyone else who turned their systems on last week), but the owner spent 10 minutes, after hours, troubleshooting with me, free of charge. I’ll be keeping his number handy.

What have you loved, learned, and felt grateful for lately?


3 thoughts on “Three Good Things [06.03.16]

  1. I love the West Wing Weekly podcast too, and really enjoyed hearing about Justice for Vets. What a great program! Had no idea Melissa Fitzgerald was formerly married to Noah Emmerich either. Talented couple!

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