Three Good Things [07.05.16]

TGT July

The grill’s cooled down, the empties have been added to the recycling bin, and the fireworks have ceased their explosions in the sky. July 4 is behind us, with the rest of the hot, hazy summer stretching out in front. As we’ve eased into slip and slide season, I’m finding lots to love, learn, and feel grateful for.

Three things I’ve loved lately:

  • A look back over 20 years of great TV. I found Alan Sepinwall back when he was writing his recaps of The Wire for the New Jersey Star-Ledger. The Wire’s long since ended and Sepinwall has long since moved on from the Star-Ledger, but his reviews keep me following him, and I often feel like I haven’t fully “watched” a show until I’ve read his accompanying review. His two decades as a critic have featured some pretty incredible TV highs.
  • The ultimate wedding playlist. My recurring nightmare about our wedding was that the dance floor would be empty. We hired a great DJ, and yet I still fretted about the playlist (and the do not play under any circumstances list). Love this analysis from Five Thirty Eight of the top wedding songs and artists, and the reason that songs from the mid-1960s, early 1980s and the last few years top the chart. (And yay, September is #11 on the list! Any day, all year round, every wedding. Our dance floor was packed from the moment that played until the music stopped.)
  • The Jerk in the Mirror. On getting your body through cancer, and everything after. This line so resonated with me, as I struggle to stick with some healthier habits: “Perhaps it’s high time I acted like I plan to stay awhile.”

Three things I’ve learned:

  • Bridget Jones’ Diary was a thinly veiled Pride and Prejudice remake. I just read (and loved) Eligible, a modern day retelling of Pride and Prejudice. Only after I raved about it did a friend clue me in on the parallels between P&P and Bridget Jones…which I’ve seen no fewer than 10 times. Um, yeah.
  • All about dashes. As you may have noticed in reading my stuff, I have a thing for long sentences, and I’m an unabashed dash (and comma, and parenthesis) lover. As JoAnna Novak explains, “The dash is my go-to fix, my sentence extender, my comma absolver, my elastic-waistbanded jeans at the Thanksgiving feast of language.”
  • Joey + Rory is going to be a movie. Rory took hundreds of hours of video of Joey before Indy was born, in her first months of life, as Joey went through cancer, and as she died. They’re turning that footage into a movie that will be shown for one night only – on September 20, across the country – and I’m so going to be there. With a box of tissues, or six, in hand. Come with me, whether in person or virtually?

Three things I’ve felt grateful for:

  • Voxer! My “internet friend” Sarah – so-called only because we met through the internet, but we are actual friends – introduced me to this voice messaging app, and I’m loving it. It’s a great way to connect with people when there isn’t time to write long emails and there’s more to say than quick texts can convey. I’m especially loving it for keeping up with more of the daily minutiae that’s part of my best friend’s family’s life – and keeping her up to speed on what’s happening in our house, too.
  • The reaction I received to Rediscovering Babar. It took me 11 (or more? I can’t remember now) pitches to publish Babar, and I’m so thankful that it found a home at The Manifest-Station, where I’m regularly moved by quiet, pensive essays. I’m proud and still a little surprised to be among those voices. And I’m grateful, too, for the feedback I got to what was one of the most personal essays I’ve written. It was tough to write and tougher still to publish, but I’m glad I did.
  • The first week of summer. I took Teddy’s first full week of summer vacation off, and after a quick trip to Boston, the staycation portion of the week was a great way to ease into a somewhat more relaxed summer schedule (albeit with the still-regular morning wakeups and lunch packing for camp and daycare). We watched too much TV (thanks Pop network for midday 90210 marathons and on demand for the first season of Dawson’s Creek), ate munchkins and lots of popsicles, hit the pool and the playground, and lazed around the house. Aaah.

How’s your summer getting started? What have you loved, learned, and felt grateful for lately? 


5 thoughts on “Three Good Things [07.05.16]

    • It’s pretty cool for people like me who have, ahem, A LOT to say but don’t have good pockets of time to talk to friends. I love that you can leave a quick 30 second message just because something popped into your head, or a….longer one (ask me how I know that your message stops at 15 minutes). A fun alternative to texting/email!

  1. You had me at Voxer:) Life changing. And Babar… So glad that ended up being a highlight of your month. I’ve been grateful this month for the fact that we have not travelled and have no plans to until August. I LOVE summer in Boulder and getting into a ryhthm with the kids that doesn’t involve preschool starting at 7:55!

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