Three Good Things [09.06.16]

photo by Wes Powers

Welcome to the newest installment of Three Good Things, the thank-god-summer-is-over edition.

You, dear reader, may have noticed that I skipped a TGT July roundup. Because July (and most of August, for that matter) sucked. What I had termed the summer of fluff became the summer of fuck this shit. #suckysummerof16


Photo courtesy of the always on point Treacy sisters.

You don’t need me to recount all the horrible, no good, very bad things that happened this summer. But a summer of fluff it was not. So much so that I couldn’t get it together to list my good things, because although good things were happening, it felt altogether too Pollyannaish of me to write a list of them when people were legitimately dealing with so much hurt and violence and anger and sadness and sickness.

But…here we are with the end of the summer behind us, and in the interest of getting back up on the gratitude horse (or whatever mangled metaphor goes here), I give you what I’ve loved, learned, and felt thankful for this summer.

Three things I’ve loved:

  • The current-day recreation of the meeting of C.C. Bloom and Hillary Whitney. Ah, Beaches. Best movie ever for when you need a good, cleansing cry. And I will never hear “You Are My Sunshine” without thinking of it. Hand me a tissue? (Related: did you see that Lifetime is remaking it? Really not sure how I feel about that.)
  • Make-a-Wish created a bakery for a teen with thyroid cancer. What a cool, lasting project for a girl who has traveled a hard road but hasn’t lost her interest in spoiling others with delicious baked goods. Maybe she’ll even create some good low-iodine treats! (By the way, September is both Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month and Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month. Have you checked your neck yet?)
  • Tagging along with friends to the pool. We finally accepted friends’ long-standing invitation to join them at their pool, and all we could ask was, “What the hell were we waiting for?” (In my defense, I was scared that my sometimes “high-energy” children would endanger themselves or others…) But it’s a little piece of heaven, complete with an awesome toddler pool, shaded picnic tables and grills for cooking out, and a sand playground. Oh, and you can bring in booze. Mark this as the summer I was reintroduced to boxed wine, and I loved it.

Three things I’ve learned:

  • Skills and attributes of great listeners. I’ve fallen all too often and deeply into the trap of being half engaged, hearing but not actually listening. I appreciate the explanation of six different levels of listening here.
  • Lots about adoption through foster care and of kids with special needs from the Coffee + Crumbs podcast. I love stories about how people’s families came to be, and these moms’ honesty moved me.
  • How the Newseum’s front pages exhibit comes together. The Newseum is one of my favorite museums in D.C. —  I’m not crying at the “What’s News?” movie, you’re crying at the “What’s News?” movie — and even when I don’t have the time for a full visit (or want to pay the $23 ticket price), I love to look at the front pages from around the world. I know print newspapers are going the way of the dinosaur, but a screenshot of an online news site just isn’t the same.

Three things I’ve felt grateful for:

  • Another healthy baby in our family. Welcome, Ophelia Jane! That marks six grandkids in just under four years for my parents, with Ophelia evening the score to three girls and three boys. And she’s Teddy and Katie’s sixth cousin within just a few years of them between our two sides, which makes me so happy in advance for all the cousin playdates and sleepovers to come. My cousins are still some of my very best friends, and I hope all of our kids will feel the same.
  • The return of routine. August 23 — the first day of school — couldn’t come quickly enough in our house. Covering Teddy’s summer break took a mashup of camps, sitters, random days off for B and me, and a few short trips thrown into the mix. Tack on a bunch of work travel for B and it all added up to a real lack of routine for our little guy who thrives on knowing what to expect (and let’s be honest here, for his parents who do, too). It was so nice to finally answer the daily question of “Is today a school day?” with “Yes. YES IT IS.”
  • A late summer vacation. That mashed-up summer schedule kept us from taking a long vacation, but we didn’t let the start of school get in the way of a quick weekend getaway last week to Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Kitschy rides at Dutch Wonderland, ice cream, and swimming in the hotel pool in Amish Country, followed by steamers and beer (and yet more ice cream) when we returned to D.C., went far toward making up for so much of the rest of the summer.

What did you love, learn, and feel grateful for this summer? 


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