2013: Another Change-Filled Chapter in the Books

It’s that time: for reflecting on the year gone by, and setting goals for the one that lies ahead. 2013 to me felt almost like two distinct years. The first half was marked by change — so, so much change — which made me really appreciate the quieter months in the second half.

A quick review:

Then, December 2012: The end of maternity leave loomed large. I was girding myself for the end of maternity leave, crying every day at the prospect of leaving behind this happy little guy with whom I’d had so much quality bonding time (due in part to his steadfast refusal to nap).

Now: I cried my first day back at work. I hated lugging the stupid pump and hooking myself up to it three times a day. But a few nasty colds aside, daycare has been good for Teddy, helping him get to know other little kids, teaching him things we couldn’t (Spanish! “Aqua. Aqua! AQUA!”), and helping us meet other families in our new neighborhood. And the days off at home are really special.

Then, December 2012: Clar was getting older. Christmas was a tough trip for him, and was followed in quick succession by a bunch of trips to the vet. But he still loved us, and Teddy – and munchkins (of course).

Now: We lost our buddy in March. We still miss him every day, a feeling that’s grown more bittersweet as it’s become clear how much Teddy loves dogs. Things may be different in the canine companion department at this point a year from now.

Then, December 2012: Our condo was starting to get smaller, and three flights seemed ever higher. The baby stuff had taken over Teddy’s room, was tucked into corners of the living room and dining room, and his bottles were everywhere in the kitchen.

Now: We’ve been in our “new” house for more than nine months. Most boxes have been unpacked, and we’ve quickly taken up all the new space. I am still loving our basement storage, and our closets (walk-ins!), and our second bathroom, and Teddy’s playroom with space for all his toys, and our driveway that allows us to park our cars right outside the back door, with no stair climbing while carrying a small child or groceries needed. My commute dropped from 50 minutes on a good day to 18, and a bunch of new restaurants will be open in our neighborhood at this time next year.

Then, December 2012: Teddy was the only Mariani baby, hogging his grandparents’ attention.

Now: No more! Henry and Wren joined the ranks in 2013. Teddy loves his cousins (on both sides, though he’s the baby on the other side), and I love that just as B and I did, he will grow up with a bunch of cousins close to him in age (if not always in distance). Family is the best.

Then, December 2012: I was finding it tough to get to the gym or to yoga.

Now: OK, not everything’s changed. But if it had, I’d have no reason for a resolutions post (to come)!


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