Rediscovering Babar, on The Manifest-Station

A Storybook Life miscarriage The Manifest-Station
More than seven years ago, in a hotel in Paris, I found out I was pregnant. We spent the early days of that vacation thinking ahead to life with our baby, and we bought a book about Babar for him or her to remember the trip by.

As I remember in an essay for The Manifest-Station:

It was the book, written in the little bear’s native French, that I bought in a cute Parisian boutique in March 2009, just a few days after getting my first (and second, and third) positive pregnancy test.

And just a few days before I’d miscarry the baby Babar was meant for.

I lost that baby – and two more after – but I kept the book. Read the rest of “Rediscovering Babar” here.

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